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Round Bottomed Katie Bag

Project by Bernadette Wainwright

I’m often asked how to make a bag with a circular base, it can be a little tricky but if you measure and cut accurately, you should have no problems. The bag can easily be altered to increase in height.

Time it takes to make: 3-4 Hours

Skill level: Intermediate

You will need:

  • Summer Fat Quarter pack from Craft Cotton Co

  • 28½” x 8” (72 cm x20 cm) of outer body fabric, lining fabric and Single sided fusible Bosal In-R-Form or Adhesive Wadding

  • 6½” (16.5 cm) dia. Circular Template

  • 6½” (16.5 cm) dia. Fabric, lining and stiffener as above for the circular base

  • 14” x 1¼” (35.5 cm x 3.2 cm) of two strips of lining fabric

  • 2 x 40” (1mtr) of Ribbon or Cord (I used the ribbon from the Craft Cotton Co Fat Quarters)

  • Bodkin or Safety Pin

  • Air Erasable Pen or Pencil

  • Compass or 6½” (16.5 cm) plate

  • Scissors or a Cutting Mat and Rotary Blade

  • Pins or Clips, Thread, Sewing machine

Step-by-step instructions:

Before you start your project, gather all your supplies and have a quick read through all the instructions just to familiarise yourself with the terminology. Iron your fabric with a suitable temperature to ensure it is flat and easy to work with. You would be amazed with the difference in size a few creases can make.

1. Create your template with either a compass or a 6½” (16.5 cm) plate.

2. Cut out the outer base and the Bosal In-R-Form or adhesive wadding.

3. Adhere the stiffener to the reverse of the outer base following the manufacturer’s instructions. Adhere the stiffener to the outer body fabric on the reverse side.

4. Take the lining strips and turn under ¼” (0.6 cm) on both the top and bottom of the long edge. Turn under ¼” (0.6 cm) on the short ends, press both strips. Sew the short ends.

5. Mark the centre of the bag with a pin at the top. Mark 1½” (3.8cm) down from the top of the outer bag and ¼” (0.6 cm) from each side.

6. Sew the top and bottom of each strip to the outer bag.

7. Measure 1¼” (3.2 cm) from the lower left side edge and mark with a pin, measure 2” (5 cm) along and mark with another pin, repeat all the way along to the right hand side, marking at 2” (5 cm) intervals finishing 1¼” (3.2 cm) from the edge, you should have 14 pins in total.

8. On the wrong side of the fabric and at each pin, mark for a 2” (5 cm) dart.

9. Sew a dart at each pin, each dart should be 2” (5 cm) long and a generous ¼” (0.6 cm) wide at the edge.

10. Sew the darts in the same way for the lining.

11. With right sides together and using ¼” (0.6 cm) seam, sew the side of the outer bag, taking care to avoid the strip.

12. Repeat for the lining, leaving a 4” (10cm) gap for turning through, remember to backstitch either side of the opening to secure.

13. Press the darts, all in the same direction so they lie flat and the bag takes on a curved shape.

14. Take the outer bag and turn inside out, pin the base in place at the bottom of the bag, you may have to ‘jiggle’ it to fit. I find it helps to have the bag body on top as I am pinning.

15. Sew in place.

16. Repeat for the lining.

17. Turn the lining right side out and drop into the outer fabric bag, having right sides together, match up the seams. Pin and sew all the way around the top.

18. Turn the bag through the hole in the lining, stitch the hole closed.

19. Turn the lining back into the bag. Press the top seam and topstitch all the way round.

20. Thread the first ribbon or cord, through the casing, all the way round using either the bodkin or safety pin. Secure the two ends with a pin. Thread the second length of ribbon or cord through the other side of the casing, again all the way round – this will pass over the first.

21. If you have some nice beads, thread them through the ribbon for extra decoration.

22. Pull the ribbons up for closure.

Congratulations! Your Katie bag is now finished.

To see more from Bernadette, visit her on Instagram @littlemissdressco

Made by Bernadette Wainwright for The Craft Cotton Company 2020

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