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Safari Animals Baby Romper

Project by Rebecca Cole

When I saw this beautiful fabric my first instinct was that I needed to create something for my baby nephew due this year. I love little romper suits and just had to create this cute little outfit. The pattern is available in 2 different sizes, 0-6 months and 6-12 months (although sizes are approximate). Such gorgeous patterns and colours just make the sweetest little romper!

Time to Make:

2-3 hrs

Skill Level:


You Will Need:

· Safari Plants 1m pack

· 2 x green 2.5” buttons

· 7 sets of plastic popper fasteners

· Popper fastener pliers with stiletto point

· Sewing machine

(optional sewing machine accessories/stitches that can help: buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, button fitting foot, overcasting stitch, 1 step button hole)

· Complimentary sewing thread

· 2.5cm/1” bias binder maker

· Straight pins

· Tape measure

· Paper pattern

· Fabric scissors

· Paper scissors

· Stitch ripper or embroidery scissors

· Iron

Download templates:


1. Join up your pattern pieces and cut them out to your required size. Next cut out your fabric pieces. The pattern has a 1cm seam allowance included. All of the pattern pieces are cut on the fold and you will require 2 of the legs and one of each of the back and front yokes, cut in your choice of top fabric and in lining fabric

2. Firstly, take your two top yoke lining pieces and overcast along the straight bottom edges.

3. Sew a long gathering stitch along the top edges of the two leg pieces and gather them up to the same width as the top yoke pieces. Sew one to the front piece and one to the back piece. Press the seam up towards the top of the romper.

4. Lay the front and the back pieces right sides together, lining up the seam between the legs and the yoke. Stitch down both sides and then secure the seam edge by overcasting the edges together. Press the seams.

5. Taking your two lining yoke pieces, Line up the side seams and stitch together. Press the seams open. Keeping the lining pieces inside out and the body of the romper right side out, slide the lining pieces over the yoke of the romper and line up the side seams and the top curved edges. Pin together and then stitch all the way around the outside edge.

6. Snip into the inner curves at the front and back neck and the armholes and trim the excess seam allowances from the outer curves. Turn the yoke shape the right way around and press all the edges. Stitch a narrow line of top stitching all the way around to hold the yoke together. Inside, pin the lining flat to the outer yoke fabric and stitch in the ditch all the way around the joining seam to secure the lining in place.

7. To make your bias binding, cut 5cm strips along the bias of the fabric. You will need enough to make at least 120cm of binding (for the 6-12 month pattern. Slightly less for 0-6 months.) Line up the ends of each strip so that they lie straight edges together at 90 degrees, right sides together. Stitch across joining up the indents. Continue until you have all of your strips joined together in one long strip. Press the seams open and trim away the excess at the edges. Feed the end of your strip into the wide end of your bias binder maker and press as it appears out of the other side.

8. Gather the bottom edges of the legs in the same way as you did the top edge. Gather them to they are 20cm long (for 0-6 months) or 25cm long (for 6-12 months). Stitch the bias binding around the gathered edges. There is no need to neaten the ends at this point.

9. Take the rest of your bias tape and stitch one side round each leg curve, on the front and back pieces. To finish the edges. Lay the tape flat and fold up the raw edge. Fold the tape back over and stitch in place.

10. Stitch button holes at the end of the straps and buttons to the front straps.

11. To attach the poppers, you will need around 7 sets of poppers for the closing. Pierce a hole where you wand to place your first popper (start at the ankle on one side) using the stiletto. Insert the two popper parts and press in place with the clamp. Start on one side of the romper, at the two ankle and then in the centre, then evenly space the rest between these. Line up the poppers to make sure that you place them on the other side in the correct places. Your romper is now complete!

To see more from Rebecca, follow her on Instagram @becky_cole_sews

Made by Rebecca Cole for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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