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Sunny Baby Quilt

Project by Stephanie Marsh

Sew your own newborn baby quilt. This design and colours are perfect for when you're unsure if someones expecting a boy or a girl.

You will need:

4 FQ - I used 'Rainbow Etchings' by Stuart Hillard and Craft Cotton Co 1 piece brown cotton Wadding Dimple Fleece Threads Bondaweb or interfacing


1. Cut 8.5” squares as follows:

2 x light blue 4 x green 4 x dark blue

Also cut 1 x 8.5” x 16.5” in light blue and 1 x 8.5” x 2” in brown.

2. To make the patch with the tree trunk cut a light blue patch in half from top to bottom, place the brown strip in the middle and sew the light blue fabric to either side on it, press seam allowances onto the back of the brown.

3. Sew the patches together as below. Initially start with sewing the patches onto either side of the larger light blue patch, then sew the rows together, press the seam allowances to one side, then sew the rows together.

4. To make the sun draw a template on a 7” square piece of paper, I folded in half, half again and then half again (like when you make snowflakes at school), cut the edge curved then cut into it to make it like a castle.

5. Draw around this onto bondaweb or interfacing, trim around it, but not exact. Iron onto the back of the yellow fabric. Cut out exact.

6. If using bondaweb score off the paper backing and press onto the centre of the quilt. If using interfacing pin in place, use plenty of pins. Now applique it in place, you can use a close narrow zigzag stitch or a decorative stitch. I used a blanket stitch.

7. Lay the wadding out smoothly, then lay the patchwork on top, right side facing upwards. Smooth over using your hands. You can either hold this together by using a temporary glue (specially designed not to clog up your sewing machine), pin or safety pins. I used safety pins.

8. Using a larger stitch, stitch on the seam lines (this is known as stitch in the ditch), apart from either side of the tree trunk. I used a contrast (yellow) thread.

9. Take out all the safety pins and place the quilted work on top of the fleece, wrong sides together. Use the safety pins again to hold in place. Put piece of work to once side.

10. Using the remainder of the yellow fabric, cut bias strips 2” wide. Fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press.

11. On the top side of the quilt pin the bias strip through both layers of the strip and all the layers of the quilt with raw edge matching. Do the sides, then press over the raw edges, hand stitch in place, then do the same with the top and the bottom.

12. Press from the patchwork side.

To see more from Stephanie, visit her Instagram @stephanie_j_marsh

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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