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Tie Strap Cami Top

Project by LetsGetSewing

Sometimes the most simple projects are the most enjoyable and can give the best outcomes. After seeing this floral jersey fabric from Craft Cotton Co, I wanted to make myself a summer top. Something that was simple to make and easy to wear, letting the pretty fabric do the talking.

My initial plan was to try and do something with elastic, perhaps to include puff sleeves or create an off the shoulder top. I'd still like to have a go at one of those projects but I decided to go for something simple that I knew I could pair with different trousers.

Last year I made myself a super simple pattern for a top that could be made from fabric scraps. I wanted to focus on the armhole and position of the straps to make it fit me perfectly, something that is hard to find with tops like these in RTW shops as they're often made cheaply. I'm so pleased with how well the fit turned out. It's a great pattern to use both for scraps that would be thrown away, or a fabric like this one where I wanted the design to be visible. Simple, easy to make and good for wearing on holiday.

As mentioned I chose to go for a simple design in order to let the fabric shine. I did want to include some kind of fun detail though, so I decided to add a tie to the straps. It was so easy to do, I just cut the straps about 7" longer and tied them over my shoulder. It adds a nice bit of interest and works really well with this fabric as it's quite a small print. I went for a double knot with the ends hanging out, but a bow would look nice in a draper fabric or you could leave more or less fabric for the ends.

One thing I like about the design of this top is that the straps also act as bias binding around the armholes. It gives the armhole a really neat finish and avoids a messy or weak attachment of straps to the bodice.

The first time I made a top like this, I left it un-hemmed and simply cut it at the length I wanted it to finish. It worked well on the rib I used, but I wanted a neater finish on this top. Also, the jersey would have probably rolled if I hadn't hemmed it. I'd say the main thing I've learnt through sewing with jersey is that small hems do not work. They go wobbly and turn under, giving a messy finish to the project. I now finish all jersey makes with a hem that is at least 1" deep. For this top I sewed a double row of stitching, a finish that I love. It doesn't take a lot of effort but I think it shows that you've put thought into the whole sewing process and just makes it look a bit nicer. It's so tempting to rush hems but I think a neat hem does make a real difference.

I think this was the perfect project for this fabric and I'm looking forward to wearing this top in the summer, hopefully whilst on holiday.

To see more from Anna, visit her on Instagram @letsgetsewing1

Made by Anna at Lets Get Sewing for The Craft Cotton Co 2021

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