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Week 1 - Bauble Block

Project by Katie at The Fabric Squirrel

Welcome to my Christmas block along! This is the first time I have done anything like this so I would love to hear from you if you join along with me or use any of the blocks in other projects.

I have used the beautiful new collection for 2021 named Colourful Christmas from Craft Cotton Company along with some plains. The finished quilt will be 130cm x 190cm. The amounts you need for the quilt are below but don't include backing fabric or binding.

  • Grey Reindeer - 1 Metre

  • Green - 1 Metre

  • Blue - Half Metre

  • Baubles - Fat Quarter

  • Colourful Trees - Fat Quarter

  • Plain Black - Fat Quarter (small amount needed)

  • Plain Pink - Fat Quarter

  • Plain White – 1.5 Metres

The first day is my bauble block. You could use this same technique for different sized baubles and create a quilt, cushion, table runner or whatever really, with just these. The instructions are for one, but you will need two for the quilt.

Here's a video to help:

Seam Allowance: ¼”

Unfinished size: 5" x 10"

Finished size (when sewn into your quilt): 4½” x 9½”


Width x Height (cut one unless otherwise stated)

White Background

2 - 2¼” x 2"

2 - 1½” Squares

2 - 2¾" Squares


1½” x 2"

White Baubles

5" x 8½”

1. Grab your two 2¼” x 2" background pieces and the pink. Sew the 2" edges together with the pink in the centre.

2. Add an easy triangle to the top two corners of the bauble fabric with your 1½” squares. Trim and press to open.

3. Do the same to the bottom two corners with your 2¾" squares. Trim and press open.

4. Now simply sew your two pieces together.

5. Give it a good press and trim if necessary. At this point it should be 5" x 10". Remember you need two of these.


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