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Woven Fabric Heart Cushion

Project by Lesley Foster

Bring a little extra love into a room with a heart themed cushion.


Nursery Basics Pink fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company








1- Using one of the fat quarters with a white background cut to 45x45cm in size, this will be the front of the cushion.

2- Draw a template onto paper for the heart like that shown in the picture below. Next, using the template cut 1 out from a fat quarter with a white background and one from a fat quarter with a pink background. Now take the template and split the bottom section into 2cm wide strips and using this template cut along the lines to create the strips for weaving from the 2 heart pieces.

3- Place one of the heart sides onto the front of the cushion and then place on the other side, then weave the strips of each colour to create the woven pattern. Pin at the en of each row to hold.

4- Sew down each side of the strips to secure and around the top of the heart pieces.

5- Using the Fat quarter with a pink background used previously for the heart cut four strips that measure 5x45cm. Then fold these in half lengthways (so the piece measure 2.5x45cm) with wrong sides together. Next pin these around the edge of the cushion so that the raw edge of the fabric strip is against the raw edge of the cushion. Sew around to secure.

6- To make the back pieces take two of the fat quarters and cut so they measure 45x54cm, next fold them in half with wrong sides together to give two back pieces.

7- Place the cushion front piece down right side facing up then place the two back pieces on top with them overlapping in the middle of the cushion. Sew around to secure, then turn out the right way.

To see more from Lesley, visit her on Instagram @hookstitchsew

Made by Lesley Foster for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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