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Wrap Crop Top

Project by Anna

I love having the opportunity to try out different fabrics and make things in a style that I wouldn't always choose. This top represents both of those things and is also a reminder of how much fun it can be to make something completely different as I really like the outcome! 

I've recently been liking fabrics with small floral prints more and more, I like to think that I'm old enough now to wear them without looking too childish! What I like about this fabric is that the background is navy, meaning that it still remains relatively in my comfort zone. It's lovely to find a jersey fabric with a print like this one too, I find that most of them are either striped or plain. The fabric in question comes from Visage Textiles so it's a great quality cotton jersey which is completely opaque. After making one item out of a floral fabric I'm tempted to go all in and make lots more! I really love the tiny flowers of this Craft Cotton fabric and I'm still on the hunt for a perfect floral viscose.

Onto the design! I'm so proud of the drafting of this top because I've never made a proper wrap top before. Until recently I would never have seen myself wearing a wrap top but I've liked some of the RTW ones I've seen on the high street and used these as inspiration to draft my own pattern. I'm so happy it worked, I wasn't really expecting it to! It's quite a tricky shape to get without any gaping but luckily jersey fabric is also very forgiving. 

I really like how the ties come together at the side and I also quite like the little ruffle affect you get at the back from where the tie comes round. I have no idea if mine wraps round the right way but I'm happy with it!

There was a slight moment of worry on the way when I tried it on and the wrap wasn't wide enough!  It was so incredibly frustrating and tempting to give up but I dutifully unpicked the edge I'd topstitched under and added a wide neckband to make it that bit wider. Luckily the neckband saved the problem.

I'm really happy I went a bit out of my comfort zone for this make because I've found that I really like it! It's also nice to have a challenge to draft something a bit different and overcome a couple of sewing obstacles.

Made by Anna for The Craft Cotton Company 2020

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