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10 Last Minute Simple Sewing Halloween Costumes

Written by Jess Unsworth

It's Halloween weekend and you've decided that you now in fact don't want to stay in and will attend that Halloween party you turned down. Or maybe you've been the chosen chaperone to take the kids Trick or Treating, either way you have found your way to this blog under pure panic. Don't worry, we have all been there. I have just been invited to a Halloween party, and after throwing around some ideas and searching the internet, I realised a blog like this would've really been helpful in my state of panic.

So, here you are- 10 last minute crafty costumes that you can throw together:

(Please note these images may feature children but dressing up is for everyone, and I a 24 year old woman will 100% be using these ideas)

1. Pumpkin

A pumpkin is a classic Halloween costume- and with the help of a sewing machine or a hot glue gun, quite simple to throw together. All you're going to need is some orange and black fabric!

I found a tutorial by 'Heather Handmade' to help create this look, just click on the image above.

2. Monster

Now, this one is such a fun and simple way to dress up without having to go 'all out'. For the eyes you could either use tennis balls, or you could just scrunch up some news paper and wrap the fabric around. You could even use this idea to expand on and create a dinosaur with a matching dinosaur tail, I have found a tutorial by 'Andrea's Notebook' for you to follow, click on the image below!

3. Sunshine

I loveee this one, such a simple thing to make but such a cute idea! All you need is a headband and some yellow fabric and BOOM sunshine.

4. Spider

This is one of my personal favourites, I made my own version around 5 years ago and it's still going strong! It proudly hangs in my wardrobe, ready to be pulled out at any moment. All I needed for this costume was:

  • Black long sleeved top

  • 3 pairs of black tights

  • Stuffing

  • String

And that's it- you have your spooky spider costume.

Here's my costume! Not quite as cute as the adorable child in the photo above!

5. Devilled Egg

Now, if there's one thing I love it's a witty costume and devilled egg really hits the mark. Other witty costumes that are approved by me:

  • Hot Dog

  • Cereal Killer

  • 'Reigning' Cats and Dogs

  • Ceiling Fan

  • French Kiss

6. Superhero

All you really need for this is a cape, anything else is just showing off about how quickly you can sew.

7. Sushi

Orange pillow case, white fabric to add to the pillow case, fabric to tie around waste, DONE.

Halloween? GOOD. Sushi? GOOD. Quick crafting? GOOD.

8. Cactus

Not only is this outfit adorable, you can keep to the social distancing, anyone near you is at a risk of stabbing.

9. Starfish

This one may take a tad more time than the others with the sewing time. But overall I reckon you talented lot could pump this one out within a couple of hours. Another idea along the starfish Patrick?

10. Ghost

Anyone that says 'I didn't have time to get a costume together' are liars and despise fun. This costume takes a whole 30 seconds to put together. It's a classic. White sheet, eye holes and you're good to go! I could've added a photo of a human wearing this costume, but these dogs are too cute for only my eyes to see.

There we have it. 10 quick Halloween costumes you can throw together and still look fabulous! Now get out there and have a spooky weekend whatever you're doing.

Creep it real!

Written by Jess Unsworth for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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