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Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Project by Gill Rich

Kids will love to use this bag for their Halloween Trick or Treat event, there is plenty of room for all those lovely treats! You can easily make it in a couple of hours.

Approximate size: 10” x11 ”

You will need:

  • Two co-ordinating Halloween fabrics

  • Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter.

  • Small piece of fabric for the trim

  • Erasable marker pen

  • Coordinating thread, I used Gutterman Thread

  • Wadding or iron on interfacing

  • Scrap of fabric for the front embroidered detail

  • Small piece of bondaweb

Use a ¼” seam allowance throughout unless otherwise stated.

To start, cut your lining pieces 11.5” x 10.5”. Cut your three outer fabrics. They measure 6.5” x 11.5”, 4” x 11.5” and 1.5” x 11.5”.

To make the front and back panels, stitch together the larger of the two pieces with the thin narrow piece then add the bottom piece to the other side of the narrow piece. Press your seams open. Stitch the front and back pieces together down each side and across the bottom.

Stitch your lining pieces in the same manner but leave a gap of approximately 4” on the bottom seam to allow for turning out later.

To make the box bottom for both the bag and the lining. With your pieces turned wrong side out, line up the bottom seam with the side seam and lay flat. Measure up from the corner about 3” and draw a line. Stitch along this line then cut off the excess. Repeat for all four corners.

To make the handles, cut two pieces of your chosen fabric 4” x 10”. You can make your handles as long or as short as you wish but I found 10” about the right length for me. Fold the pieces in half lengthways and press. Open out then place your raw edges to the centre, on the fold line and press again. Top stitch along both edges on both handles.

Measure about 3” in from each side of the bag and pin/baste your handle in place. Make sure that the handle is not twisted when you have sewn both ends on the top of the bag.

Turn your lining inside out and your bag right side out. Place the outer bag inside the lining and match up your side seams. Make sure that your handles are tucked down in between the two layers. Pin your lining to your bag all the way around. Stitch all the way around the top with about ½” seam. Fasten off your ends securely.

Turn the bag right side out through the turning gap that was left in the lining seam. Roll the seams flat on the top of the bag and pin/press. Top Stitch all the way around.

To make the lettering detail on the front, I embroidered “Trick or Treat” on my embroidery machine but you can hand stitch the letters instead. Place a piece of bondaweb on the back following the manufacturer's instructions, peel off the backing paper. Place your lettering in the place that you wish to secure it and iron in place. I hand stitched in place using a blanket stitch, it doesn't have to be perfect though!

Give your bag a good press and let your kids enjoy filling with treats.

To see more from Gill, follow her on Instagram @designbygill66.

Made by Gill Rich for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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