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Hexagon Patchwork Spider

Here's another variation of the patchwork from the previous week. This tutorial will show you how to make the spider using paper-piecing techniques.

'I was so pleased with my quilted patchwork spider I decided to make another fabric spider for Halloween. I wanted this to be a bit different to the previous spider so decided to make the body out of patchwork hexagons using one of my favourite patch working methods – English paper piecing. I really enjoy patchworking with this method, using the paper templates gives such sharp edges and it’s so easy to do – although it is a bit more time consuming than using a machine. Since I was going to hand sew all the hexagons together I decided I would use on my hand stitching for the whole spider, it’s nice to get a break from the machine every now and then!'

Have a go at this tutorial to make some unique Halloween decorations and to practice new sewing techniques.

By Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch, Sew for The Craft Cotton Company.

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