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Indian Girl Quilt

This is a great project to master for a beginner quilter, as you use a sew together and turn through method, avoid that tricky bias binding. A mock thin boarder is added by simply quilting a line once complete. Not only is this easy to make, it's a great make to dress your young girls room or nursery and can be completed in no time.

Materials you will need:

- Half a metre of each design of the Indian Girl fabric range.

- 1 metre of fabric for the backing.

- 1 metre of wadding.

- scissors.

- sewing machine.


Make sure you use 1/4" seam allowance throughout.

Cut out 9 pieces of the pink fabric and centre them in a 6.5" square - as seen below.

Then cut the squares on the alternative fabrics (the blue/pink tepee fabric was used for this) measuring 7 - 7/8" square. Pin one of each design together with right sides facing.

Mark a diagonal line and sew on each side of this line. After sewing, cut down the line and open out, you will now have two half square triangles - repeat this process.

Now cut 6 3" x 6.5" strips of the contrasting turquoise feather fabric. Sew 2 rows with a character at each end and a patch of half square triangles in the centre, using the strips in between. Sew 1 row with the character in the centre and half square triangles at the end.

Cut 6 strips each of the pink dream catcher fabric and the 2 blues, measuring 3” by 7.5” with an angle as shown. Cut 6 of each fabric as a mirror image. You need the mirror images so that each border mirrors its opposite, reminiscent of feathers.

Sew the strips together in 4 rows of 9, alternating each fabric.

Sew one section of strips to the vertical sides and trim off the excess in a line with the top and bottom of the quilt.

Now sew another section of strips together and add one each of the remaining 4 character squares to each end. Repeat and then sew these long strips to the top and bottom.

Your quilt top is now complete.

Trim the backing and wadding to the same size as the front. Arrange so that right sides of the backing and the quilt top are facing. Add the wadding. Now sew these together, leaving a 6” gap to turn through.

Turn inside out and sew up the remaining gap using a ladder stitch.

Quilt a thin line all around the quilt which will give the appearance of a narrow border.

Stitch over where you wish to add interest to add that quilted effect and add any embellishments if necessary.

Your quilt is now complete.

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