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Tablet Holder with an essential pocket

A summer necessity…

It’s the perfect summer item, whether you’re going to the beach, a park, or simply laying in the sun watching a film or reading a book on your kindle in your garden, you need to make one of these…

Here is what you will need:

• Two pieces of fabric measuring 12” x 14” - one in anchor blue the other in green ships. (I chose mine from the craft cotton nautical rose collection) • 5” piece of woven jute trim (15mm wide) • 5.5” x 12” piece of fabric in red • 5.5” x 3 “piece of fabric in the anchor blue • 500g cheap rice • 6-8 cereal bowls full of polystyrene balls • Needle, thread, rotary cutter and sewing machine

Begin by preparing all your fabrics. Take the two larger pieces and place right sides together, and sew all the round using the ¼” seam allowance, leaving a 3” gap along one edge.

Next pull your corner seams apart and measure 2” in from the point, mark with a fabric pen, then cut, making sure you line up the fabrics. Do this to all four corners. When you get to the forth corner, cut before you sew and add your loop inside, then stitch as before.

Turn right way out and press the seams. Fill your tablet holder with the 500g of rice and the polystyrene balls. Using a ladder stitch, sew up the hole used to fill the tablet holder.

Pull your stitch tight.

How to make the pocket With right sides together, sew the blue band onto each end of the long piece of red fabric, to create a loop, turn right way out and press in half-length ways.

Press ¼” seam allowance along the three red edges of the pocket, fold in half width ways to find the middle and pin in place on the back of the tablet holder.

Using the same blanket stitch as before, sew your pocket in place.

You are all set, pop your suncream and sunglasses in the pocket,and head to the beach or for a lazy afternoon in the park, don’t forget your kindle/tablet.

Or place on your bed or lap for a lazy afternoon watching a film, use the pocket to hold some well-deserved snacks.

Made by Michelle Roberts for the Craft Cotton Co

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