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Sew your own Christmas Sleigh

Yes, it is almost that time of year, and here is a fab little project to get you in the Christmas mood!! It’s a beautiful Christmas sleigh from Bosal. Makes an ideal Christmas gift bag, perfect for filling for Christmas treats and chocolates, and it’s so cute with this adorable Christmas fabric from Craft Cotton.

Supplies: Order yours today from Craftcotton • 2 fat quarters from the beautiful Christmas range • 5-6 metres of ice blue bias binding • Bosal Christmas sleigh pack • 2 small buttons

Let’s begin: Start by drawing around each piece of the double sided fusible batting, I chose to do the inside of my sleigh a different colour to the exterior.

Once all your pieces are cut, iron them to one side of the fusible batting, making sure you have the two inner facing pieces in the same fabric, and two outer facing pieces in the contrasting fabric.

Take your bias binding, and start sewing it to the fabric side of each piece, overlap the start of the bias binding, so you don’t have a raw edge – see photo

Trim the corners slightly, and fold over the bias binding, and using your iron, fuse to the reverse

Continue this process on each piece

Take opposite sides of the sleigh sides and sew them together, sew in the ditch of the bias binding.

Take the bottom of the sleigh and attach the strips by sewing a line of stitches on the inside piece of binding, lay your pieces as shown in the photo below, and start sewing 1” in from the left strip, and stop 5.5” before you reach the end of the right strip. (as these must bend up at the front of the sleigh)

Take you two bottom pieces, and with right sides together, join by sewing in the ditch of the bias binding as before, lifting the strips on the bottom as you sew round.

Pin and hand-sew, (using a ladder stitch) the sides of the sleigh in place, making sure you sew the inner bias binding of the sides to the outer bias binding of the bottom of the sleigh. (see photo below)

Attach the other side, using the same process.

Almost there… Take your two buttons and attach to the front strips, when you are happy they are secure, flip the strip over on itself, and sew a couple of small stitch through into the sleigh, to hold in place.

And your Christmas sleigh is complete, great for a cute fat quarter bundle from Craft Cotton and some sweets, making it the perfect gift for anyone who loves craft.

Many thanks for reading my tutorial, hope you enjoy creating your very own ‘Christmas sleigh’, with these adorable Christmas fabrics.

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By Michelle Roberts for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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