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Commemorative Memo Board

A beautiful gift to commemorate a special day in someone’s life. I used some diamante beading to create the ‘90’, so I could give this memo board as a gift for a special lady turning 90 years old. Its somewhere she can put all her appointment cards and important notes.

Supplies: • Fat quarter of pale pink fabric • 32” x 16” piece of batting (folded in half) • 16” square of flamingo print fabric • 4 strips of denim fabric measuring 2” x 18” each • Backing fabric measuring 18”square • Half metre of diamante beads • 10 decorative small flowers and 10 paper fasteners • 2 metres of silver ribbon, ¼” wide • 16” square fibreboard • Glue gun, basting glue, staple gun, nail and hammer (decorative items were purchased from hobby craft)

Let’s get creative:

Begin by making a paper heart, with the widest point measuring 11”, use this as your template to draw round using a fabric marker pen onto your pink fabric. Carefully cut out the heart and with a little basting glue, set in place on the flamingo fabric.

Use a blanket stitch to hold the heart in place.

Using your marker pen and ruler, draw lines diagonally across the flamingo fabric in each direction, 5” apart. I chose the 5” gap so the ‘90’ wouldn’t be covered by the ribbon.

Take your piece of batting and fold it in half to make a 16” square, temporary baste this to your flamingo fabric, and sew along the diagonal lines.

Take the four denim cotton strips, and with right sides together, and using ½” seam, sew them onto the flamingo fabric, to create the boarder.

Turn the board over, and whilst putting some tension on the blue fabric strips, staple the fabric to the back of the board.

To attach the ribbon; I used a small nail and hammer, and tapped a small hole where each of my sewn lines crossed. Holding the ribbon in place, push the paper fasteners through the ribbon and through to the back of the board, open the clips, repeat this until all 10 points are securing the ribbon.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the ‘90’ diamante beads in place, and the decorative flowers onto the top of the pin heads. I also used a little glue to hold the ribbon in place on the reverse of the board. Take your piece of backing fabric, and baste it to the centre of the back of the board. Fold the edges under to create a neat edge, and heat glue in place.

Many thanks for reading my tutorial, hope you enjoy creating your very own ‘commemorative memo board’, it would make a lovely gift, to mark a special occasion.

For more tutorials, follow my blog here, or on my Instagram page. happy sewing Creativeblonde x

By Michelle Roberts for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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