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Dear Santa Fabric Advent Calendar Tutorial

How to make a fabric advent calendar:

What you will need:

  • Red, white and black felt

  • Needle and thread

  • Sewing machine and thread

  • Fusible batting

  • Backing material (I used plain white cotton)

  • Banner material

  • Binding material

  • 2 x material for envelopes

  • Ribbon

  • Pins

  • 24 buttons

  • Iron

  • Glue gun and glue refills

  • Wooden numbers (optional)

  • 50cm wooden rod

Step 1 - make the envelopes:

You will need to start by cutting 24 15cm x 15cm squares in the fabric of your choice, then cutting another 24 15cm x 15cm squares in the lining fabric of your choice so that you have 48 squares in total.

I measured and cut:

  • 6 x Red fabric with white reindeer

  • 6 x White fabric with red reindeer

  • 6 x Red fabric with white snowflakes

  • 6 x White fabric with red snowflakes

  • 12 x Plain red fabric

  • 12 x Plain white fabric

Step 2

Next, place one square of envelope fabric against one square of lining fabric with right sides together and sew around the edges. You will need to leave a 1cm allowance, and a small gap in one corner to allow the material to be turned right side out.

Step 3

Turn the envelope square right side out and top stitch in contrasting thread around the seams, finishing the open corner as you go.

Step 4

Press each square then fold the corners into the center until you are happy with the envelope shape. Each envelope should measure 9cm x 6,5cm. Press and then sew or glue into place using a glue gun.

Step 5

Once you have made the basic envelope shape for all 24 squares you will need to mark where you would like your buttons to go. Sew these buttons in place and make buttonholes on the opening flap of the envelope.

Step 6

Finally, add your numbers. You can make these out of material or felt but I used small wooden numbers which I just glued into place.

Step 7

Next, cut the banner fabric:

Measure and cut rectangle one of your chosen banner fabric to 85cm x 25cm, and rectangle two of your chosen banner fabric to 24cm x 44cm. You will need to cut your backing fabric and fusible wadding to the same sizes.

Step 8

Next, cut your chosen binding fabric to 4cm wide and long enough to bind the edges of both rectangles - I used 170cm. Fold 1cm in from each side so that they just meet in the middle and press all the way along (the new width will be 2cm). To finish the binding, you will need to fold it in half again width ways and press (the new width will now be 1cm)

Step 9

You will also need to make the loop holes for hanging the calendar and joining the two rectangles.

I measured and cut:

  • 4 x rectangles measuring 7cm x 6cm

  • 3 x rectangles measuring 14cm x 6cm

Step 10

Finally, draw and cut out your 'Dear Santa' letters and post box shapes in red felt. I then embroidered the black base, black post slot and white notice sign on the post box but these could also be cut out of felt. Glue these onto white felt, then cut around the border.

Step 11

Then, assemble the banner:

Position and pin your 'Dear Santa' letters and post box on the banner material of rectangle two, and sew into place once you are happy. Tip: Don't glue these as the glue will melt and ruin your fusible webbing in the next step.

Step 12

Next you will need to layer up your banner fabric, wadding and backing fabric as follows: Backing fabric right side face down on the bottom; wadding; banner fabric right side face up on the top. Iron all three as per the instructions on the fusible wadding packaging. Repeat this step for the materials that you cut for rectangle one.

Step 13

Pin and stitch the binding all the way around the edges of both rectangles.

Step 14

Stitch a 1cm seam allowance around the edges of all of the tab pieces. The three longer rectangles can be sewn into place in line with the binding along the top edge of rectangle two. These will form the loops for the wooden rod.

Step 15

Almost done: pin one the remaining tab rectangles so that the top is in line with the binding on the bottom edge of rectangle two, and the bottom edge is in line with the binding of the top edge of rectangle one. Match a second triangle on the back and stitch all the way around. Repeat with the last two tab triangles and your two banner rectangles will now be securely joined together.

Step 16

Now that the banner is complete you will need to attach your envelopes. Position these on rectangle two and glue into place when you are happy with the layout.

Step 17

Finally, wrap and glue the ribbon around each end of the wooden rod after it has been threaded through the top tab loops.

Step 18

You will then be able to fill your advent envelopes with delicious treats that will lead you all the way to Santa!

Made by Chloe Baldwin for The Craft Cotton Company 2017

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