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Peter Rabbit Rail Fence Play Mat

Make a gorgeous play mat for a new addition to the family using this timeless Peter Rabbit fabric and quilt design.


Craft Cotton Company supplies:

Peter Rabbit Fabric Roll pack

1m Peter Rabbit fabric for sashing

2m Peter Rabbit backing fabric

Other supplies:




Step 1: Sort the fabric strips into sets of matching designs

-6 different designs with 4 strips of each design

-Split into two groups of 3 coordinating designs

Step 2: Pin and sew a group of three strips together using a ¼“ seam allowance

-press seams open and flat

Step 3: Cut each new fabric piece into square blocks measuring 6½“x 6½“

Step 4: Arrange the blocks into a 9 patch layout and sew these blocks together

-repeat this to create 4 of the 9 patch blocks, 2 of each design

Step 5: Cut 6 sashing strips 18”x 2½“

-sew the sashing strips to the blocks to join them together

Step 6: Cut 3 sashing strips 43”x 2½“

-sew the long sashing strips to the sides of the blocks to join the blocks together

Step 7: Cut 4 binding strips off the length of the backing fabric piece, measuring 2½“ wide. The rest of the fabric piece is used for the backing

-Layer up the quilt ready for basting: backing fabric face down > wadding>quilt top facing up

-Hold the layers in place with plenty of pins to keep it secure

Step 8: Quilt the play mat using your chosen design, a walking foot on your machine really helps with the quilting process. On this one, I have echo quilted around some of the fabric strips to highlight the ‘rail fence’ design.

-trim away excess wadding and backing to square off your quilt.

Step 9: Make the quilt binding using the four 2½“ strips

-Fold each strip in half lengthways and press

-Fold each long outer edge into the centre and press

Step 10: Attach the binding to each side

- First unfold binding and fold in raw edge ¼“

-Position the edge of the quilt into the fold of the binding, hold in place with quilt clips

-Using a walking foot, sew through all layers

-Repeat with other three sides

Step 11: Give the play mat a good press then it is ready to gift and enjoy!

Made by Angela Harkness for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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