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Patchwork Picnic Quilt

After creating the Bicycle Basket – Snug Liner & Removable Bag, I had plenty of left over fabrics. So I made a Matching Picnic Quilt. I cut up 6’’ Squares of left over fabric, just using all I had to make a good size Picnic Quilt.

Top Tip: Precision Cutting Required

Lay your squares out in desired pattern

Next, begin with the top layer and sew each square to the next.

Continue down the rows.

Iron all seams flat and begin to pin each row to the next. I find pinning at every square’s joint keeps the patchwork pattern in line. Sew as you go.

When you have sewn all the rows. Iron flat.

I then used a contrasting fabric to back the Picnic Quilt. R/S together place, then pin the backing fabric. Sew all around leaving a 3’’ Gap somewhere to turn out. Turn out and carefully push out the corners. Stitch up the remaining gap.

I then sewed a diagonal line through the patchwork squares in a contrasting thread to secure the back to the front and for decoration.

Last but not least.. hand sew a couple of little ties once the Picnic Quilt is rolled up so it can be tied into a pretty bow and popped into your Pretty Bicycle Basket before setting off.

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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