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3D Fabric Christmas Tree

Make one of these funky 3D Christmas trees with only a few fat quarters.


What you need:

-Fabric - 2-3 Fat Quarters. I used three different fabrics, you could use all the same if you wish.




-Sewing Machine - Straight stitch approx. length 2.5 (Small stitches are better for the points and stuffing does not try to push through the stitches -Toy stuffing


Making your pattern

I drew my Christmas tree by hand.

Draw a shape that is pleasing to you. You may prefer your branches sticking up a little more – the choice is yours.

The height is approximately 23cm when finished and 28cm in width.

Only draw half of the tree, then fold the paper in half, pin together and cut around the line.

Or make a card template and draw directly onto the fabric.

Cutting out your Christmas tree

Cut out 6 Christmas trees in your chosen fabrics.

Pin right sides together in pairs and stitch together around the edge using ¼ inch seam allowance.

Leave a gap at the bottom of each section for stuffing.

Snip into the corners to help when turned.

Snip off the points, so when you turn out the ends of the branches will have good points.

Turn each tree shape the right way around being careful not push anything sharp through the material.

When turned out lay your three trees on top of each other.

Stitch together down the centre.

Mark from the top point to centre bottom. I used a pencil as you will not see this stitching line once your tree is stuffed.

Once you have stitched your trees together, you will find you have created six pockets.

This is where you need to put your stuffing.

I advise stuffing the top of all six sections first, then middles and finally the bottom.

I found that I could not get the sections even if I filled one at a time.

When you are happy with the amount of filling, the next stage is to over sew or slip stitch the bottom of each pocket.

This is the base of the tree.

Tuck in the raw edges and slip stitch closed.

Your tree is now finished.

You can embellish of decorate your tree, maybe with buttons or mini baubles and bells. You could even put a star on the top.

Merry Christmas!

Made by Jo Gleeson for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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