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Doggy Christmas Stocking

Follow my tutorial, on how to make a personalised Christmas stocking for your pet. These beautiful Christmas fabrics are all available from Craft Cotton, and also available to purchase in Fat Quarter packs at Hobbycraft.

Please read through all the instructions before starting your project

Finished size: 12” x 10”



• FQ Red Tartan

• FQ Scotty dogs

• FQ Tartan Hearts

• Pre-pack Bosal Light Fusible Batting 425 22" x 36"

• 14” brown ribbon

• 1 ½” strip of hessian (the length of your pets name)

• 1” strip of lace edged aida (the length of your pets name)

Haberdashery items

• Iron-away marker pen

• Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors

• Iron

• Cutting mat

• Basic sewing supplies

• Christmas stocking templates

• Embroidery needle & grey thread


Making the Stocking

Step 1: Cut using the following templates:


1 Red Tartan

1 Batting

Stocking without ‘top’

2 Scotty dogs

2 Red Tartan

2 Batting


2 Scotty dogs

2 Red tartan

2 Batting


2 Tartan hearts – fussy cut 1 Batting


Add a paw print in grey thread to the strip of aida, then your dogs name and another paw print (each letter should be 8 stitches in height and 5 stitches in width, with a 1 stitch gap between letters). Fold raw edges over and sew to the strip of hessian, leaving ¼” extra at each end

Fuse the Red Tartan bone to the batting, and blanket stitch the name tag in the centre

Fuse both stocking batting pieces to the two pieces of stocking scotty dog fabric. Place your bone name tag in place and blanket stitch around the edge

Fuse the batting tops to the Red Tartan tops, and sew RST using ¼” seam allowance to the stocking pieces with batting attached. Press seams open, and top stitch 1/8” from seam (this will help the seam lay flatter). Repeat on the other outer stocking piece

Fuse the heart batting to one heart piece, cut a7” length if brown ribbon, pin to the top righthand corner, with the ribbon laying on top of the heart faced up. Place the second heart RST and stitch around ¼” from the edge, leaving a 1 ½” gap for turning

Sew the two lining pieces RST, starting and finishing ½” from the top, leaving a 4” gap at the bottom for turning. DO NOT sew along the top edge. Repeat for the two outer pieces, but this time do not leave the 4” gap. Leave these two stockings inside out. Pin your heart label inside, along the top edge, and pin the remaining piece of ribbon to the inside of top (for hanging up your stocking) Sew with RST ½” along the top edges, joining your stocking together. Press and pull both pieces through the 4” gap in lining

Press and sew up the gap using a ladder stitch, push the lining inside the main stocking, and top stitch along top edge of stocking

Your pets Christmas stocking is finished…

This ‘Christmas stocking’ and tutorial has been designed and created by me - creativeblonde.

To see more of my tutorials, you can follow my blog and/or Instagram page and Facebook

Stockist for the fabrics found in this tutorial 0161 832 9431

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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