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Easy Dresden Plate Quilt

Easy Dresdan Plate

You will need:


sewing machine

Dresdan Plate templates



1. Start off by cutting out your fabric pieces. My template is for a 12 plate block so I cut 12 of the fan shape and two of the circles [one circle in the main fabric and one in a plain fabric]

Top tip – Make sure you iron your fabrics so your cutting out is accurate.

2. Next place your two circles right sides together and stitch all the way around using a 1/4” seam allowance. Then clip the edges or trim using pinking shears.

3. Next carefully separate the two layers of the circle using your fingers and ct a small hole in the plain fabric. Then use this hole to turn the circles through so you are left with all the seams fully enclosed and looking neat. Then press flat.

Top tip – You may wish to use something to help you turn the circle through and get into all the edges like a knitting needle. But be sure not to use the sharp end of the knitting needle otherwise you risk going through the fabric and the stitches.

4. Next take one of your fan pieces and fold it in half and stitch along the flat end. This creates the pointed end of the fan. Clip the corner and then turn the end through and press flat.

5. Repeat this step with the rest of your fan pieces. [You can skip the previous step if you wanted the edges of your dresdan plate to be flat.]

6. Next start sewing your fan pieces together. Its best to start the pointed end and sew down from there. That way if there are some inaccuracies with your fans then at least all of your points will be in the same place even if your bottoms are not.

7. Keep sewing the fans together until they make a large circle. When your have sewn your fans you will have to join the two ends together to make a complete circle.

8. Next pin the circle you prepared earlier to the centre of your plate and appliqué it on by stitching closely to the edge.

Top Tip – A smaller stitch length makes it easier to go around corners

10. Give your plate a final press.

Top Tip- I find it easiest to make up all the plates first before I turn them into blocks.

11. Next appliqué your plate onto a square of fabric by pinning it all the way around and sewing it with a small stitch. Press flat.

12. Now you can either stitch all of your blocks together or you can add sashing in-between like I did!

13. Then baste, back and quilt as normal!

14. snuggle underneath with a cup of tea and a good book.

By Frankie Baldwin for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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