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Lined Christmas Gift Sack

The basic construction of the lined gift bag is the same but you can create different sizes and variations.

How lovely to give that special gift in a beautiful handmade gift bag.

For this tutorial I used:

2 X Set of Enchanted Forest FQ

1 Set of Be Jolly FQ

Fusible Appliqué Paper

Lace & Seasonal Trimmings

Choose the fabric for the outside of the bag (and a contrasting fabric if you want to personalise) Mark the letters required onto the fusible web, then iron onto the reverse of the fabric. Cut out the letters, peel the backing off and then iron onto the gift sack front fabric. Sew around the letters.

Place the lining fabric right sides together with the outside fabric. I sandwiched lace between the lining and the outer fabric and sewed along the top. Repeat for the other side. Iron both top seams flat and place the two panel’s R/S together on top of one another. Pin to secure both along the seam and around the whole sack. Draw a 1” line, 2“ down from the top middle seam. Both sides.

To make ties cut 2 x 2” strips from the FQ

Join together as in picture, then iron in each side. Sew down both sides.

2 Different Fat Quarters joined

Wadding used to create effect

Fancy stitches to add detail

Button Holes create an alternative for the tie

TOP TIP Add an extra piece of fabric to the rear, where you are placing the buttonholes!

When you have marked out the drawstring channel, sew all around the outside of both sections, but avoid the 1’’ ch­­­annel and leave a 3” gap in the side of the lining section to turn out.

Once sewn, turn out carefully through the gap you left in the side of the lining. Stitch the gap up. Push out the corners and iron flat. Now you need to sew the channel on the outside of the bag to secure the tie. You will sew the lining and outer bag channel all the way around.

Through the gaps in the sides (or through the buttonholes you made) thread the tie through.

You can add buttons, bows or bells to decorate

If you followed this tutorial, Please share your gift bags with me on instagram @bobbincottagebodkin Nicky

Made by Nicky Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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