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Disappearing Four Patch Quilt

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

1) Choose 4 fabrics and cut 25 x 5.5 in squares and layout as desired.

2) Sew the top 2 squares together, the bottom 2 squares together and then sew the top row to the bottom row to make a block of 4. TIP: Press your seams to one side for the top 2 and the other side for the bottom 2. This helps them nestle together nicely when sewing the top row to the bottom row. Do this with all sets of 4 to give you 25 blocks.

3) You now need to cut each block of 4, 4 times. Place your quilting ruler so that the inch line is on a seam then cut this line, repeat this for all seams.

4) Your block will now look like this.

5) Swap the top left and top right squares over, swap the bottom left and bottom right squares over and then turn the centre square anticlockwise by one turn. Your block will now look like this.

6) Now sew the top row together, the middle row together and the bottom row together.

7) Now sew the top row to the middle row, then sew these to the bottom row to make you final block.

8) Once you have completed all 25 blocks, sew them in 5 rows of 5 and then join together.

9) Now you are ready to back and bind your quilt.

10) Finished quilt is shown here.

By Alison Seymour for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

Visit her Facebook page here

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