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Winnie The Pooh New Born Crib Quilt

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Follow my tutorial, on how to make a crib size quilt, perfect as a gift for anyone expecting a baby in the new year. These adorable Winnie The Pooh licenced print fabrics are all available from ‘Craft Cotton’.

Please read through all the instructions before starting your project Finished size: 30” x 40”


• 1 FQ white poly cotton

• 1 FQ winnie the pooh on white

• 1 FQ winnie the pooh circles on yellow

• 2 FQ winnie the pooh and friends on yellow

• 2 FQ winnie the pooh and friends on white

• 4 FQ winnie the pooh and friends on mint

• FQ pack of the grey nursery basics

• FQ of H250 iron-on stabilizer by vlieseline

• 30” x 40” Craftcotton Heritage premium quilt wadding

• Gutermann thread; white 1001, purple varigated thread

• FQ of vlieseline bondaweb • Vlieseline Stitch ‘n’ tear pre-pack

Haberdashery items • Iron-away marker pen • Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors • Iron • Cutting mat • Basic sewing supplies • Winnie the pooh ‘quote templates’ • Heart template • Sulky transfer pen

Making the quilt… Begin by cutting two 8 ½” squares from the solid white. Print off the two Winnie The Pooh quotes, and using the sulky transfer pen, go over the writing on the reverse of the paper (this will give you the letters in reverse). Press the white fabric, then lay the writing over the top, lay a scrap piece of fabric over the top and press until the writing has transferred to the white fabric (keep these papers, as they can be used a few more times).

Pin an 8 ½” square of stitch ‘n’ tear to the back. Thread up your needle, so its double thread, and back stitch with tiny stitches over the writing.

Cut the following pieces: • Two 8 ½” squares from the Winnie the Pooh and friends on yellow • Two horizontal panels 9 ½” x 30” from the Winnie the Pooh and friends on mint • Two vertical panels 22” x 4 ½” from the Winnie the Pooh only on white • Two 2 ½” x 8 ½” strips from the grey fabric with white waves • One 2 ½” x 18 ½” strips from the grey fabric with white waves • Two 2 ½” x 18” strips from the grey fabric with white waves • Two 2 ½” x 22 ½” strips from the grey fabric with white ‘v’s ** ** If cutting this piece from a FQ, cut four 11 ¼” x 2 ½” strips, and join, pressing seams open Sew the 4 centre panels together, by adding the grey strips with white waves in between them. Press the seams in opposite directions on the top panel to the bottom panel, so you can nest the seams together.

Trim this block to measure an 18” square. Add the top and bottom strips, then continue by adding the side strips.


To make the hearts, cut: • Two grey hearts (with white waves) from ‘heart template’ - fuse to Bondaweb • Two honey pots from the yellow circle fabric, leave an extra ¼” of the yellow fabric all the way round – fuse to bondaweb and fuse to centre of grey hearts

Fuse the hearts to the yellow squares – see photo above for placement* With RST sew the vertical panels, press seam towards the grey fabric. Sew the top and bottom panels and give the top quilt a good press.

Free motion quilt around the circles and hearts 1/8” from the raw edge. Fuse top quilt to the wadding using basting spray. For the backing cut: 18” x 30” winnie the pooh and friends on mint 15” x 30” winnie the pooh and friends on white 7” x 30” winnie the pooh and friends on yellow Sew together in the above order

Fuse to the other side of the wadding.

To quilt… Use the white gutermann thread, and ‘stitch in the ditch’ around the outer edge of the grey box, continue around each of the four 8 ½” squares. On the white squares, make a diagonal line of stitches about ½” long and quilt another box inside of the 8 ½” square (to make it look like the quotes are in a frame) – see photo above.

Trim quilt to measure 29 ½” x 39 ½” Cut strips from the grey and white striped fabric, with a width of 1 ¼”, join at right angles to create a length of approximately 150”. With RST sew to the front of the quilt, ¼” along the raw edge. Press ¼” of the remaining raw edge on the strip over, and hand sew to back of the quilt, create neat corners as you sew.

Your quilt is complete…

This ‘Winnie-The-Pooh quilt and tutorial has been created by Michelle at creativeblonde.

To see more of my tutorials, you can follow my blog and/or Instagram page and Stockist for the fabrics and wadding found in this tutorial 0161 832 9431 Stockist for Gutermann threads 01453 883581 Stockist for Vlieseline stitch ‘n’ tear and Vlieseline Bondaweb 01628 890 532

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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