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Lovers Knot Cuddle Up Quilt

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

You will need:

Craft Cotton Essential Trend FQ Pack X 2


1 Metre of fabric for the backing.

Cut 2.5” strips from 5 fabrics.

Fabric 1 & Fabric 2

Take the first 2 strips and sew r/s together with a ¼ inch seam allowance. Iron the seams to one side, open out then cut the strips to 2.5

Take another strip of fabric 2.

R/S to R/S place the fabric strips you cut before on top and sew along as in picture.

Trim in between the joins, iron seams and you will now have the block below.

TOP TIP: Place the strips the same way I have shown you in the pictures as you Sew!

It will affect the block pattern otherwise.

Add Fabric 3

Now add Fabric 4

Block B Complete

*Repeat instructions for Block A but swap the First and Last fabrics*

You will need: 10 x Block A and 6 x Block B

Block B:

Block A:

The Lovers Knot:

Last of all, Fabric 5.

Take your strips and join them together like I have shown in the picture below.

This will create a border for the Quilt.

Once you have laid out the blocks into the required pattern, begin sewing them together in strips, then sew the strips to create the whole quilt.

R/S to R/S pin the edge of the border strip to the edge of the quilt and sew. I sew both long sides first, then the top and bottom.

Iron flat, then cut the wadding to match the quilt size.

Pin in various places then with a co-ordinating thread sew the quilt and wadding together. I did a little heart template and sewed one heart pattern in each corner and then 4 in the middle as a nice little decoration.


It is easy to place the blocks incorrectly! I did LI had to remove one block and turn it round.

I am a ‘make do with what I have kind of maker’ my backing fabric was slightly too small, so I just added more of the 2.5 strips to border the outside.

Last of all I put the front and back R/S together, pinned and sewed all around, leaving a 3” gap to turn right way out. Press out the corners and sew the gap up. You can then top stitch round however you chose. This is an alternative to binding.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it has inspired you to ‘have a go’ I would love hear your feedback and see your creations, please share with me,

Nicola Hills x

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2019

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