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A Stroll Down Leicester Lane- Wild Dreams Bag

Project by Lucy Picksley

I knew what bag concept I wanted to create this time around as I’d known it’s purpose for quite a few months but executing it was something different. The title of the bag was clear from the outset, it was always meant to be the Leicester Lane bag so that element of the planning was sorted.

Now to design the perfect dog walking bag. Something that was relatable, easy to wear, filled a brief to carry dog treats and poo bags but pretty enough to wear out and about on other outings.

Life became a lot simpler when Paula from The Crafty Lass released her range ‘Wild Dreams’ which I instantly imagined set against a denim - my go to fabric of choice.

I pulled my sketch book out and soon whipped up a scribbly drawing of simple patchwork set against a pocket that I tried to simulate as a jeans pocket with a simple curve and twin line of heavy stitches. In no time at all I had small squares of patterned and denim all joined together to make a rectangle panel of gorgeousness.

I added an upper panel and free cut away the shape I wanted for the pocket and inserted the patterned fabric which shows off beautifully at the top of the bag and become one large external pocket for those essentials.

A recessed zip keeps the inside safely closed all made up in my samples with a sparkly zip because, well, why not!

So I got me a lovely bag, all I needed to do now was to refine a few of the details and produce it as a pattern – simple!

I made the bag up again in some magenta oilcloth I had left over from a previous make and set to making it again and it came out even better (if that’s even possible). I decided that the patchwork panel was actually too long and the proportions were a little off, so I unpicked all of the first bag version and removed a row of the patchwork and then rebuilt the bag to check if it looked that bit better.

Phew! It looked great, so much so that right under my nose I had a buyer for the bag which is what accolade anyone ever really needs isn’t it?

The instruction writing went well, the photography for the step by step instructions soon came together and the story telling, the bit where this all started for me, soon seeped out of my pores and on to paper. Once again such a cathartic experience to be able to (justifiably) capture what one might consider a very ordinary memory yet so precious to me.

Thanks to Emily who did a grand job as a model for me despite her nerves and passersby thinking she was a little mad spinning around by the trees!

To see more from Lucy, follow her on Instagram @sew_pretty_sew_mindful and check out her Youtube channel!

Made by Lucy Picksley for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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