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Beehive Peg bag Tutorial

Project by Nicky Hills AKA Bobbin Cottage Bodkin

You will need:

  • Bee Fabric 2 different styles Patchwork Bee

  • Iron

  • Basic sewing kit

  • Heat erasable pen

  • Hexagon Card board templates x 7

How To:

Create a beehive shape paper template and cut 2x outer fabric & 2x lining pieces from fabrics.

Place 1x lining and 1x outer fabric r/s together.

Draw a circle big enough circle to be able to put your hand inside on the outer fabric.

Stitch around the circle. Cut out the middle leaving a 1/4” seam. Trim around into the seam to reduce bulk.

Push one side through the hole, finger press out neatly giving you an outer and lining attached.

The hole is nice and neat for retrieving pegs, however I made some binding from contrasting fabric to finish off.

Cut a 1.5” strip long enough to go round the circle, iron in half widthways, then iron each side into the centre.

Top Tip:

Pin the binding all around as in the picture above. I know its tedious but it will all be worth it!

R/S together sew all around within the first crease you made. Join the two short ends when you get back to where you started by making a crease either side where they join, then lining up as below, sew a diagonal line across. Trim the ends and sew the gap left.

Now fold the bias over to the back, finger press neatly down, I prefer to hand sew the backing down so you don’t see the stitches but you could machine if you wish.

Now with the peg bags second lining and outer fabric, lay R/S together, pin or clip all around, then sew.

Turn right side out through the centre hole and press flat.

A very quick guide to EPP *English Paper Piecing’

You will need 7 hexie cardboard templates. These can be found online free to download and use.

Top Tip:

Use a hole punch to create a centre hole this will be so much easier to remove the template once you have stitched the fabric round.

Now its time to join your hexies together. Using a contrasting cotton, r/s together slip stitch

Through the edge of the two but not through the cardboard template.

Once you have sewn all your hexies together, give them a press and hand stitch onto your peg bag.

To see more from Nicky follow her on Instagram @bobbincottagebodkin or visit her blog

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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