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Bee Bolster - Patchwork Bee Fabric

Project by Marie Pickles

There’s really nothing nicer than a pretty dressed bed; in my opinion anyway! This selection of fabrics from the Craft Cotton Company set my creative cells buzzing and I pulled this design together to brighten the bedroom for the coming Spring days.


  • Bolster or cushion pad (mine is 54”)

  • Selection of fabrics to cover the total area (plus spare)

  • Templates

  • Threads, scissors, marking pencils, pins Iron & pressing mat.

1. I had a look on the internet and after looking at some clipart drew a template of a beehive and then transferred it onto a thick cardboard so I could draw round it easily. I decided 4 , two for each side of the bolster would be ideal.

2. The fabric is so fantastic I was able to use the designs and cut large selection of hexagonal shapes in different sizes.

I then used finger pressing to straighten edges and turn raw edges under then tacked the sides together on the back to hold. This is the same technique used in English Paper Piecing (EPP) but I did not use any backing paper.

3. Measure the length and width all round your bolster or cushion. When you decide on the fabrics you are using, cut sufficient strips to cover the length of the bolster ensuring the seam allowance is added to both sides of the strip. My bolster was. 54”; I used two strips of each fabric plus a different one for the centre strip, finally the opening edge was a separate strip used double width folded over leaving a folded edge at the opening side of the bolster case. Strips were sewn together using 0.25” seams, press each seam over so they all lay to the same side.

4. When the top is prepared, press well and even off the top and bottom edges. Place all applique where you want it and pin / baste to hold. In order to add definition I used a zigzag stitch all round the beehives. Other applique was placed using a straight stitch.

5. The bolster is quite a big area and in creating the top I made two distinct sides (right and left) and (side 1 and side 2) thereby allowing 4 areas for applique decoration. I have created the bolster with all the beehives sitting in the same vertical position allowing movement to be along the horizontal line.

Side 1: Right Hand Side Side 2: Right hand side

Side 1: Left Hand Side Side 2: Left Hand Side

To see more from Marie visit her website

Made by Marie Pickles for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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