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Cheeky Frog Quilt

Project by Creative Blonde

Please read through all the instructions before starting your project

Approx. Finished size 40” x 40” (seam allowance ¼”)


1 metre Frog print fabric

1 metre of pale green fabric

1 metre of cream/white fabric

½ metre of lime textured blenders fabric

FQ Candy pink textured blenders fabric

FQ Pale pink

FQ Vlieseline Bondaweb

42” x 42” Vlieseline Cotton batting

Threads from Gutermann

Haberdashery items

· Quilters ruler, rotary cutter/scissors

· Iron

· Cutting mat

· Basic sewing supplies

· Frixtion fabric pen

· Odif 505 basting spray or pins

Making the frogs…

Print the frog templates, and transfer onto the paper side of the Vlieseline Bondaweb, you will need two of each design.

Roughly cut out and fuse to the wrong side of the Lime fabric.

Cut out.

Transfer eyes, pupils, and tummy onto the Bondaweb using the same method, and fuse to the corresponding fabrics. (you will require 4 of each)

Fuse to the main frogs

Lets get sewing…

Cut four 10 ½” squares from the cream/white fabric.

Cut five 10 ½” squares from the frog print fabric.

Join the squares alternately, beginning with the frog print fabric, make 3 rows of 3 squares.

From the Candy pink fabric cut; two 30 ½” x 2” strips and two 34” x 2” strips

(If you are using a FQ, join the strips together using the method shown below – Press joining seams open)

Join the candy strips to the top and bottom of the main quilt, trim away any excess.

Add the remaining candy strips to either side, trim excess.

From the pale green fabric, cut; two 34” x 4” strips and two 40” x 4” strips.

Add to the main the quilt using the same method as the candy pink strips.

Fuse the two ‘whole’ frogs to the centre of the left and right-hand white squares.

Position the remaining frog peeking in from the left and right-hand side of the top and bottom white fabric


Create the backing by cutting the following.

42” x 22” Pale green fabric

42” x 11” frog print fabric pieces

42” x 11” lime green fabric

See photo below to see placement

Using Odif 505 spray, sandwich the Vlieseline wadding between the top and back quilt

Quilt using your preferred method. Trim excess wadding and fabric, by cutting the pale green strips on the top quilt to measure 3 ½”.

Cut 1 ½” strips from the lime green fabric to create binding.

Join to your quilt using your preferred method.

Using Gutermann top stitch thread in grey, add details to your frogs, using a backstitch.

(neck, mouth, eye divide and nose)

To complete your quilt, use FMQ to secure your frog appliques, using a pale cream or green thread.

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Stockist for Fabric

Stockist for Gutermann

Stockist for Vlieseline Batting and Bondaweb

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Company 2021


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