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Coronation Fabric Envelope

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Project by Nicola Brooks

This simple and effective fabric envelope is perfect for using as invites to a street party, holding colouring pages to keep the little ones amused, or as a photo scrap book to commemorate the royal occasion!

You will need: (for one envelope)

  • Two pieces of fat quarter fabric in Royal Celebration (Main fabric and lining)

  • 32cm square of light / medium iron on interfacing

  • A paper envelope (I used an 8x6 envelope)

  • 10cm length of elastic

  • Button of your choice

  • Sew On Velcro

  • Small rectangle of white felt (this is for the stamp)

  • Ric rac trim in blue

  • Corresponding thread to match fabric choices

This make is based on an envelope for an 8x6 inch card. This project can be done with any sized envelope, you would just need to adjust the amount of fabric / interfacing you need depending on how big or small the envelope is.

Step 1: Take apart your paper envelope carefully and lay it out flat- this is going to be our template for our fabric.

Step 2: Place your paper envelope on top of your main fabric, and take a moment to double check how the fabric print will look once the envelope is folded. Pin the envelope on the wrong side of the fabric and cut out one from your main fabric, and one for your lining fabric.

Step 3: Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the main fabric and cut around the excess. Iron the fabric again to ensure the interfacing is stuck down right to the edges.

Step 4: Fold the elastic in half, and place the ends over the centre of the curve at the top of the fabric envelope flap. Hand sew in place to prevent it from moving when sewing.

Step 5: Position two pieces of Velcro on the lining fabric, and carefully stitch them to the side tabs.

Step 6: Place the main fabric and lining fabric right sides together, making sure you tuck in the elastic loop. Sew around the edge with a 1cm sewing allowance. Leave an opening on one of the Velcro tabs for later.

Step 7: Clip the curves of the envelope and turn the envelope the right way around via the opening on the Velcro tab we left earlier. Roll the edges of the seam in your hands to help flatten it and press. The elastic loop should now be poking out of the top of the envelope.

Step 8: Fold the excess material into the gap in the flap to create a neat edge and hand sew it closed.

Step 9: Sew the button in place, ensuring it matches up with your elastic when the envelope is folded up.

Step 10: Stitch the opposite sides of your Velcro to the inside checking the placement so it lines up with the existing tabs.

Step 11: If you’d like to add a stamp, cut out a small rectangle of white felt and stitch the ric rac around the outside to create a border. If you want to add a small embroidered design on the stamp go for it!

Step 12: Hand stitch the stamp to the front of your fabric envelope and fold up your fabric envelope. Now your envelope is complete!

To see more from Nicola, follow her on Instagram @nikinakimakes!

Made by Nicola Brooks for The Craft Cotton Co 2023.


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