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Enchanted Wings Cushion and Bunting

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Project by Michelle at Creative Blonde

Create a beautiful cushion using the new Enchanted Wings fabric, with bunting to match.


FQ of each Enchanted wings fabric

- Flowers on sky blue

- Bugs on black

- butterflies on mauve

½ meter of bright pink solid

½ meter of grey solid

Pink Aurifil threads

2 FQ’s of Vlieseline Bondaweb or interfacing

Haberdashery items

· Quilter’s ruler,

· Rotary cutter/scissors

· Iron

· Cutting mat

· Basic sewing supplies

· Sew Easy heart templates (1”, 2” and 3”)

· 15-16” cushion pad

Lets get sewing…

(All seam allowance is ¼”)


Using your rotary cutter and ruler, lets create the envelope style cushion cover. Cut a 15” square from the grey solid cotton. Cut two 15” x 10” pieces from the pink solid cotton

Roughly cut around 5 of the flowers (fabric shown below), fuse to bondaweb, then using the 2” heart template, cut out your flowers.

Baste or pin to the centre of the grey square piece of fabric, as shown above. Using a blanket stitch, stitch around the outer edge using a bright pink aurifil thread.

Create the next piece of the design by fusing five 2” squares from the pink solid fabric to bondaweb, then using the 1” heart template, cut out five hearts from the pink squares.

To complete the top cushion design, roughly cut around five butterflies, fuse to bondaweb, then using the 3” heart template, cut them from the fused fabric pieces.

Arrange the applique onto the cushion piece (grey square) pin or baste once you're happy with your placement. Blanket stitch in the same way as before.

Take the two pink pieces of backing fabric, and along one long edge, fold and press over ¼” twice. Repeat on the remaining pink piece. Top stitch to hold in place, see photo below.

Lay your top cushion and backing pieces, right sides together, and sew ½” around the whole piece. Snip corners, and turn right side out and press. Insert a 15-16” cushion pad.


To create the bunting, first choose your preferred bunting shape (min 5” square).

Create a template using cardstock, and cut out 7 from the pink solid fabric, and 7 from the grey solid fabric.

Using the bug fabric, roughly cut around 7 bugs, fuse these pieces to bondaweb, then using the 3” heart template, fussy cut out your bugs. Using the same blanket stitch as before, secure the hearts to the centre of your grey bunting pieces.

With right sides together, sew a pink and grey bunting piece together using ¼” seam allowance along all edges - BUT NOT ALONG THE TOP, turn right side out and press.

Cut a 64” x 1 ½” strip of pink fabric. Fold over ¼” along long edge and press. Repeat along opposite edge. Then fold in half and press again – creating your binding to hold your bunting together.

Position your bunting flags evenly along the binding and pin in place. Sew 1/8” from bottom edge of binding to secure flags in place. Remember to fold over ¼” on either end of binding for a neat finish.

Your bunting and cushion set are complete

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Stockist for Fabric

Made by Michelle at Creative Blonde for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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