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Patchwork Hexie Cushion

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Project by Gill Rich

Create a gorgeous hexie cushion to liven up your sofa. This cushion is really easy to make once you have made your template.

What you need

● One pack of fat quarters I chose Botanical Elements available from Craft Cotton Co

● Polyester fibre filling

● Co-ordinating thread

● One large button

● Rotary Cutter and cutting mat

● Pins

● Thin cardboard, ruler and pencil


First you need to make your template. Take your card and you need to draw an equilateral triangle with sides measuring 35cm. Cut out.

Using your template, you need to cut out 12 triangles, 6 for each side. I used two of three different fat quarters for each side of the cushion.

Arrange your triangles in the order in which you wish to sew them together. Take two triangles, stitch them together and then add the third. Repeat for the other half. Press seams to one side as you go.

Once you have stitched two halves of the cushion, you need to stitch these together to make your top. Press.

Place cushion top wrong side down on your batting and baste together, cut the wadding to fit the cushion top.

Now you need to quilt it. I did ¼” straight lines along both sides of the seam.

Now repeat the above for the other side of your cushion.. Once you have completed both sides of the cushion, place both pieces right sides together and pin in place. Stitch around the edge with a 1cm seam allowance leaving a gap for filling with the fibre filling. Cut off the corners to make turning out easier.

Turn your cushion right side out and give it a good press, making sure that the corners are pushed out as far as they will go.

Take your fibre filling and start to fill the cushion making sure that you fill all the corners.

Once it is about 2/3rds filling, take your button and sew it on in the middle of the cushion. I used an extra strong thread to ensure that it did not snap when pulling it tight. Continue filling until you have reached the desired “plumpness”. Slip stitch the gap closed.

Now for the tassels, make six tassels using your yarn. With a large bodkin, thread through the ends that you used to tie the tassel together and thread through the corner of the cushion. Tie off on the inside and repeat for all six corners.

I made four cushions for my outside table and chairs to brighten up the garden. I do hope we have a nice summer to enjoy them in the garden!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Please follow me on Instagram at @designbygill66 or Facebook at Design by Gill.

Created by Gill Rich for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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