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Fabric Bowl Cosies

Project by Rebecca Cole

As the weather is warming up and we are eating outside more, these gorgeous bowl cosies are a great way to make your table look great! They are super practical too as they make carrying hot bowls straight from the microwave a breeze!

Time to Make:

1 hr

Skill Level:


You Will Need:

· Camil Cotton FQ pack

· 25cm square of thermolan or similar heat proof wadding

· Sewing machine

· Complimentary sewing thread

· Fabric pen

· Ruler

· Straight pins

· Tape measure

· Fabric scissors

· Iron


1. Cut out 2 x 25cm squares for each bowl cosy you are making, and one 25cm square of thrermolan.

2. Take the fabric squares and press them diagonally. Lay one of the squares (the fabric you want for the inside of your bowl cosy) on top of the thermolan, right side up. Pin and top stitch across the diagonal lines, through both layers. Repeat the process with the outside fabric, press and top stitch, but only through the fabric. There is no thermolan for this second layer.

3. Fold the thermolan layer in half widthways and pin along the folded edge. Using a ruler and fabric pen, mark a dart 2.5cm along the short edges and 5cm along the folded edge. Join these two points with a diagonal line. Stitch across this line. Once you have done this on both the left and right sides of the fold, unfold the fabric and refold in the opposite direction. Repeat the darting process so you should now have 4 darts, one on each side. Repeat this process with the outer fabric layer.

4. Snip along the thermolan darts so that they open flat. Press the darts to one side on both fabric layers.

5. Sit the thermolan layer so that you are looking at the right side of the fabric. Lay the other fabric layer face down so right sides together, lining up the corners and darts. Pin together.

6. Stitch 1cm seam allowance around the outside edge all the way round, leaving a small gap down one edge between a corner and a dart. Snip into the darts seam allowance and trim away the excess from the corners. Turn the whole thing through the gap and press the edges.

7. Top stitch all the way around the outside of the cover a few mm in from the edge.


Made by Rebecca Cole for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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