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Fabric Storage Baskets

Project by Daisy Lawn

Create a fabric basket to keep household items tidy and organised.

You will need:-


Interfacing to fit

Sewing Machine

Sewing Tools

These can be made in many different sizes either rectangular or square.

Sizes to choose are - RECTANGULAR in inches


SQUARE in inches


Cut out to size:

main outer fabric x 2

lining fabric x 2

interfacing x 2

Iron interfacing to both main fabrics. Cut bottom corners to size.

Stitch up both sides and bottom of mains and then linings but leave a side hole in the liner for turning. Fold over corners and stitch on both main and liner.

Turn outer Right Side Out

Leave Liner Wrong Side Out

Sit Outer into the Liner

Stitch around the whole of the Top

Pull the Main Outer through the hole in the liner.

Push the liner down into the main, Fold the top edge over.....Finished.

By Daisy Lawn for The Craft Cotton Company 2021


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