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Jelly Roll Cushion

Project by Gill Rich

This cushion is really easy to make and it’s so effective. To make this, all you need are the following:-

● One jelly roll, I chose the Kyoto fabrics by Stuart Hillard available from Craft Cotton Co

● 0.5m backing fabric

● Co-ordinating thread

● One 18” cushion pad

● Ruler and tailors chalk or fabric marker pen

● Pins

1) To make, firstly choose 11 of the jelly roll strips. Fold in half lengthways and press flat. Cut in half. You will now have 22 strips for your cushion.

2) Out of your backing fabric, cut an 18” square.

3) Now, to make the cushion, take one of your strips and place it on the backing fabric lining up the long raw edges at the top. Pin in place. Sew along the long edge using a ¼” seam allowance.

4) You now need to draw placement lines across the backing fabric to mark where you need to place the remaining strips. Mark ¾” down from the top raw edge of the strip that you have just stitched down. Mark at intervals across the cushion lining and draw a line. This is now your placement line for the next strip. Stitch this in place as before.

5) Continue in this manner until all your strips are sewn in place. TIP: I placed all my strips on the cushion lining before stitching to ensure that I was happy with the overall effect.

6) Once all your strips are in place, press flat and turn your cushion front over. Trim all your strip ends so that they are flush with the edge of the cushion lining.

7) The next step is to make the envelope back.

Cut two pieces of fabric 18” by 13”. Fold over ¼” on the long edge and press, fold over again and press. This will form your hem edge. Stitch to keep in place. Repeat for the other piece.

8) Take your cushion front and place it right side facing you. With the two smaller back pieces, place these with the hemmed edge in the middle but the raw edges lined up with the cushion front edges. Your hemmed edges will overlap in the middle. Pin all the way round with plenty of pins.

9) Stitch together with a half inch seam allowance. To finish off I overlock all the seams but if you don't have one, a zig zag stitch will be fine. Cut off the corners to ease the bulk when turning out.

Turn your cushion right sides out, give it a good press and insert your cushion inner. Admire your handiwork!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Please follow me on Instagram at @designbygill66 or Facebook at Design by Gill.

Made by Gill Rich for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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