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Moon Gazing Hare Quilt

Project by Daisy Lawn

You will need:-

Stencil of your choice to make your appliqué, I have used “Moon Gazing Hares”

Fat Quarter Bundle for Piano Key Sashing

3 different mts of fabric

Wadding to fit

Binding or use Backing Fabric as Binding also

Bondaweb/Iron on Bonding

Sewing Machine

Sewing Tools

Single Size Bed Runner

Skills incorporates:…Appliqué..Quilting..Plain Sashing..Piano Key Sashing.


1) Press all fabric.

2) Outline your stencils on to your fabric using a frixion pen or a suitable removable pencil….or

3) Outline your stencils on to the back of pre placed bonding on the back of your fabric

4) Cut all out…place to one side.

5) Cut strips for Piano Keys 1” wide using the pieces in a fat quarter bundle

6) join all together using a ¼” seam allowance, Iron the now piece of fabric, cut into 2 1/2” strips, join the ends together, this gives a roll of Piano Keys.

7) Cut main number 1 fabric for Blocks to your choice of sizing, I used 10” x 10” .. 10” x 5” .. 5” x 5” but you can size to your choice

8) Cut strips from main number 2 fabric into 2 ½” strips for sashing

9) Use main number 3 fabric for backing

Start Sewing:-

1 Set stencils to blocks by removing the paper back of bonding and ironing down onto your blocks

2 Use a Blanket Stitch or Satin Stitch and Appliqué them down

3 Sew sashing to sides of Appliquéd Blocks

4 Sew Piano Key Strips to Blocks

5 Join all together (add detailing to your stencils if needed by free motion sewing)

6 Cut wadding 2” larger than the sewn piece

7 Lay out backing Fabric..Lay wadding on top..Lay your finished piece on top

8 Quilt the complete sandwich as you see fit

9 Trim excess wadding

10 Bind edges

11 Finished

Made by Daisy Lawn for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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