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Mothers Day Embroidery Hoop

Project by Michelle Roberts at Creative Blonde

Follow this tutorial, to make your special Mother’s Day flower embroidery hoop, perfect for Mother’s Day, or simple change the wording for a special birthday occasion. Fabrics available from Craft Cotton Co, and all good crafting stores.

Please read through all the instructions before starting your project

Finished size; 6 ½” circle, plus hanging hoop


Scraps of ‘Brights’ fabric from Craft Cotton Co

(Fifteen 2 ½” squares for the flower petals plus three 2 ½” green squares for the leaves)

12” square of solid white fabric

6 ½” Embroidery Hoop

DMC embroidery floss – Variegated colour 4514

3 x ½” wooden buttons

Gutermann threads

20” of ¼” silver ribbon

Thread gloss

Haberdashery items

· Quilter’s ruler, rotary cutter/scissors

· Iron

· Cutting mat

· Basic sewing supplies

· Fabric pen

· Clover Kanzashi Flower maker

· Template for lettering - click here to download

Lets get sewing…

Take your 12” square of white fabric, and draw a 5” circle using a fabric pen in the centre. (Use a pen which can be removed later, as this is just for placement of flowers and writing).

Using the clover flower maker, take your 2 ½” square, folding it in half to make a triangle and place it inside the flower maker, trim away excess fabric, and sew from point 1 to point 8.

Unclip the flower maker, but do not cut the thread, add another piece of fabric into the flower maker and repeat the process, until you have 5 petals. Secure the flower by pulling the petals tight, and sewing a few stitches of the first and last petal together to hold in place.

Repeat this process to make 3 flowers.

To make the leaves, use the same process, but make a one petal pattern and a two petal pattern.

Begin securing the flowers in place on your white square of fabric, I also sewed a couple of stitches under each petal, to help secure them in place. Add a cute wooden button to the centre of each flower. Add the leaves in place, by tucking the raw edges under a flower petal and sew to secure.

Using the template, trace the letters onto the white fabric, following the curve. Use two strands of embroidery floss, I recommend using theads gloss from Threadjoy, not only do they smell divine and invoke feelings of wellbeing, but they stops your threads getting tangled.

Use a simple back stitch to complete your embroidered letters.

Place your work inside the embroidery hoop. Sew a large running stitch about ½” from the hoop all the way round, starting and finished at the bottom. Trim excess fabric (about ½” from running stitches). Pull the two threads and secure with a knot.

Add the hanging ribbon and bow* to complete your Mother’s day hoop.

*create a bow by cutting 6” from the length of ribbon, and tie into a bow, glue or sew in place.

To see more of my tutorials, you can follow my blog and/or Instagram page and

Stockist for Fabric

Stockist for Clover tools and Trimits Embroidery hoop and wooden buttons

Thread Joy Thread gloss

By Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Company 2021


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