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Nursery Kite

Project by Creative Blonde

Follow this tutorial to make your own nursery kite using the gorgeous Safari Animals fabrics from Craft Cotton Co, a beautiful addition to any nursery.

Please read through all the instructions before starting your project

Approx. Finished size of kite 16” x 14” (46” length of twine with ribbons)

(seam allowance ¼”, RST – Right Sides Together)


18” x 20” animal print fabric*

18” x 20” vine print fabric*

18” x 20” Bosal in R form batting*

18” x 20” paper for creating pattern*

48” grey rope twine (1/4” thick) *

Four 7 ½” x 6 ½” rectangles for nursery prints*

Aurifil thread colour 2845

Thick thread for gathering the bows

3M clear hooks for hanging the kite

*All included in the kit.

Kits can be purchased from my website

Haberdashery items

· Quilter’s ruler, rotary cutter/scissors

· Iron

· Cutting mat

· Basic sewing supplies

· Clover liner pen

Making the kite…

Create your kite template onto pattern paper, using the instructions below

Using the template, cut out a kite from the animal print, vine print and the bosal batting.

Using a quilters ruler, remove 3/8” from each side of the bosal kite piece.

Fuse the Bosal batting to the centre of wrong side of the animal print fabric.

Take the length of rope twine and lay on the right side of kite, with the one end overlapping the outer edge of the bottom point of the kite. Secure in place with a few stitches.

Lay the back of the kite on top, RST and sew ¼” along each edge, leaving a 4” gap for turning.

Make sure all the twine is trapped inside. Turn and press. Top stitch around edge.

Using the Clover pen, mark two lines across the front of the kite, from each point.

Sew along the lines.

Making the bows…

Using the four rectangles, fold each piece in half RST, and sew ¼” around the three sides, leave a 2” gap for turning. Turn, press and top stitch. (tuck raw edge inside).

Repeat on all pieces.

Using the Clover pen, draw a line down the centre of each rectangle (width).

Thread up a length of thick cotton and sew 4-5 large stitches along the line. Leave an equal amount of thread either side of the stitches and pull, secure with a couple of knots to hold the gather.

Repeat to create four bows. Using the thick thread, secure at regular intervals along the rope twine.

Your nursery kite is complete… lets go fly a kite !

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Stockist for Fabric

Stockist for Aurifil

Stockist for Bosal Batting

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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