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Patchwork Christmas Table Runner

Project by Nicola Hills

You will need:

  • Fabric for 20 Red Squares - 56

  • Green 1/2 square triangles - 56

  • Red 1/2 square triangles - 56

  • Woodland 1/2 square triangles

  • Totalling: 188 pieces.

  • 2.5” strip to make an outside border

  • Backing fabric - Bosal Fibre and Foam 100% Cotton Batting (Each of my blocks were 12” Trimmed & Finished)

Tools Required:

  • Cutting Equipment - Rotary Cutter/ Scissors

  • Template - Ruler - Cutting Mat

  • Sewing Machine

  • Basic Sewing Kit

  • Pins

  • Iron

How To:

The table runner is made up of 5 blocks.

Here is 1 patch of 4 - 4 patches of 4 = 1 block

For 1 block you will need: 4 Red Squares - 8 Green 1/2 square triangles - 8 Red 1/2 square triangles - 8 Woodland 1/2 square triangles

Follow the piecing steps in the photos below. Make sure you press down the seams so the connecting one sits neatly.

Half Square Triangle: Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other.

Sew 1/4” down each side of that central line.

Cut down the central line, iron open the seams flat.

Steps 1 - 9 show how to create 1 patch of 4

Top Tip- Finger press the seam on each piece you join together it will make it easier to sew and position the next pieces. Pin every joining seam to get that perfect match!

Step 10 - 14 show how to create 4 patches of 4 which when pieced together make the complete block.

Repeat until you have all 5 blocks completed.

Continue to Piece all 5 blocks together, pin those seams!

Press again!

I added a 2.5” border all around the outside before adding the Batting and backing.

When all together pin or clip to secure the layers and top stitch/quilt to bind the layers.

Trim before adding the binding.

See my ‘Binding Tutorial’ for all your projects.

To see more from Nicola, follow her on Instagram @bobbincottagebodkin and don't forget to check out her blog!

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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