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Round Yoga Cushion

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Project by Nicola Hills

Create a beautiful mandala style round cushion with some fun fabric.

What you will need:

Set of Yoga Wellness Fat Quarters





Sewing Machine * not essential as this could be EPP together by hand*

Basic Sewing Kit

Paper & Pencil


1) Make a Calico template, start by making a circle the size of the cushion you require.

Fold in half, crease, then into quarters and crease, you can use the quarter folds to create your symmetrical shape patterns. Make paper templates of the patterns as I did below.

2) From the fabric cut 4 large, 8 smaller, a central circle & 8 outer edge shapes.

Cut a circle size template of wadding and backing calico fabric.

Step A: place the cut central circle down.

Step B: Sew the 4 larger pieces together, first two R/S together, open out and iron seam flat, repeat for the next two. Lay on top of the circle.

Step C: Now begin to join the 8 smaller pattern pieces. As always flip over, iron seams flat.

Layer these on top of the larger pieces.

Joining the outer shapes is tricky but my top tip is to: PIN the curved pieces, patiently!

3) The Mandela style pattern was gradually layered & pinned. Wadding and calico backing was then placed on the back and stitched around the outside to secure, before adding quilting stitches for decoration.

4) Create a second circle from the calico for the reverse of the cushion. Cut in half and insert the zip. Place R/S together, pin and sew round

* remember to leave the zip open slightly to enable you to turn right sides out*

5) Turn out, add your cushion inner and pop in pride of place :)

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, happy to answer any questions over at @bobbincottagebodkin

Made by Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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