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Sitting Easter Bunny Tutorial

Project by Sarah Holliman- SJ Stitchery

You will need:

  • Half a metre of fabric for each bunny ( finished size approx. 50cm x 28cm)

  • Quarter of a metre of fabric for the bow

  • Toy Stuffing

  • Scissors/Pins/Thread/Needle


1. First, download a rabbit template from the internet. There are lots of free download templates available for you to choose from.

2. Enlarge the template to the size of your choice. I chose to enlarge my template about 400 percent, to make an extra large bunny.

My enlarged image was approximately 50x28cm.

3. Print and cut out your template.

4. Take your 2 pieces of fabric, slightly larger than your template and place them right sides together, ensuring that the pattern direction is correct on both pieces.

5. Pin the template into place on the top piece of fabric.

6. Sew all around the template (as close to the edge as you can), leaving a gap for turning.

I also like to double stitch my seams for extra strength.

REMEMBER to back stitch on either side of the opening so that the seam does not come undone when you turn the piece inside out.

7. With scissors, trim around the sewn edges of the rabbit, leaving a small hem.

8. Turn the rabbit out the right way, making sure that all the small details are carefully poked out to keep the shape of the rabbit.

9. Stuff the rabbit firmly as it will need to hold its shape when seated.

10. Sew up the gap in the seam, your rabbit shape is complete.

11. To make the bow cut a long length of contrasting fabric about 2.5 inches wide and fold it in half.

12. Place right sides together, pin into place and sew a seam along one side .

13. Turn out the right way, sew up the gap and press with an iron.

14. Arrange the bow detail around the bunny’s neck and your Easter bunny is complete.


To see more from Sarah follow her on Instagram @sjstitchery or check out her website

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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