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The Grinch Bunting

Project by Michelle Roberts AKA Creative Blonde

Fabric: Grinch - Dr Seuss Books (2962-04)

Follow my tutorial, and I'll show you a few different ways to make your very own bunting.

I’m using the gorgeous new fabrics from Craft Cotton, which are available to purchase from all good crafting retailers.

Bunting can be adjusted depending on the length you desire, by adding or removing flags.

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make 2 lengths of bunting, one 75” and one 64” length.

Begin by fussy cutting your Grinch fabric pieces using the 1 ½” star and 2”circle Sew Easy templates (these are fantastic for fussy cutting, as they are clear, so your pattern placement can be very accurate).

Fuse a FQ of Grinch fabric to a FQ of Hemline Heat ‘n’ Seal and go ahead and draw around the star template 8 times. I chose 4 Grinch, 2 girl and 2 family pieces.

Cut out carefully and leave to one side.

Repeat the above step, using the circle template 10 times, this time I chose 2 Grinch, 2 Grinch logos, 2 x family, 2 x dog, 2 x girl.

Cut out the template, included in this tutorial, and trace onto cardstock, cut out, and use this to cut out 18 dark purple fabric flags and 18 black fabric flags.

Your fussy cut shapes can be attached to the flags either by using a quilting applique stitch 3.0W and 1.0L or a blanket stitch 3.5W and 2.5L.

There are two ways to attach your ways bunting flags, either with RST - stitch around the edge, leaving a ¼” seam allowance, (do not sew along the top edge), turn right side out and press.

Or wrong sides together - stitch around the edge, leaving a ¼” seam allowance, (do not sew along the top edge), and finishing it with pinking shears.

We can now go ahead and attach your binding to complete your bunting.

To see more from Michelle, follow her on Instagram @creativeblondegifts, Facebook and check out her website!

Made by Michelle Roberts for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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