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Upcycled Straw Basket and Straw Hat

Project by Sarah Holliman at Sjstitchery

Straw Bonnet Band

You will need:

Straw Hat

Fabric for band – I used 2 contrasting strips of fabric



1. Using your rotary cutter, cut 2 strips of fabric measuring 3 inches wide – measure the circumference of your hat and make sure the length of the fabric is long enough to tie as you wish

2. With right sides together, stitch around all sides of the ribbon tie, leaving a gap for turning.

3. Turn outside and press with an iron – accessorise your hat.

Designer Inspired Upcycled Bag

For this project, I have used a straw basket which I have re-worked for a different look. This look was inspired by some Designer baskets I have seen. It is easily adaptable and the fabric can be easily changed from Season to Season.

You will need:

Straw Basket

Half a metre of fabric

Two metal D-Rings

Webbing for new handles (if required)



1. Take your straw basket and decide which parts of the bag you would like to re-work. I have chosen to remove some of the decoration, the handles and the inside of my basket. Un-stitch the parts you decide, taking care to make sure you mark the position of the handles if you remove these.

2. When you have removed all the excess parts from the basket, take your half metre of fabric. Hem the fabric around all four sides and press with an iron.

3. To make the pleated wrap design, spend some time wrapping the fabric around your basket. The fabric will go all around the basket.

4. Slip a D-Ring onto each side of the fabric – this will allow you to form the pleated effect on the front and back of the basket.

5. Pin the fabric into place on the basket, working the pleated design as you go. When you are happy with your design, tack the fabric into place using small stitches that you are able to hide under the pleats.

6. On the sides, I used a small amount of gathering stitch to pull the fabric into the basket shape – stitch to hold into place.

7. For the new handles, I used two strips of hessian to my desired length and machine stitched these in place.


To see more from Sarah, visit her on Instagram @sjstitchery

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Company 2021

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