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Wash Me Wear Me

Tutorial by Nicola Hills

Skill Level: 1 2 3

You will need:

1 Metre of cotton fabric

1 Contrasting plain Fat Quarter

Coat Hanger

1 Long Zip

Tools Required:


Zipper Foot

Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing Kit

*This could all be done by hand if you prefer*

How To: Wear Me

Cut your FQ in half lengthways and lay your hanger on top, draw around,

leaving a 1/2” for a seam allowance. Cut around your template.

Cut to size and place your patterned fabric underneath

(this can be as long or short as you require)

Fold the pattern fabric in half vertically and cut down the middle. Insert the zip. Top stitch down both sides of the zip.

R/S together sew the plain fabric top section to the patterned bottom section. Press seams flat.

Repeat for the back section (without the zip)

R/S together pin back and front sections, sew all around using a 1/4 seam allowance leaving a 1”gap top centre for the hanger to go through.

Turn R/S out. Iron. Add some jumbo ric rac for decoration and words ‘Wear Me’

(I used my Cricut maker) but you can use felt with stencils or fabric pens.

You will need:

1 Plain FQ

2 Pom Poms

1 Metre of patterned Fabric

How to: Wash Me

Cut the metre into 4 equal quarters

Cut the FQ into 4 strips horizontally.

Place one strip with one patterned quarter, trim to fit, sew with 1/4” allowance, iron seams.

*repeat with all 4 sections

Now take two sections and join them at the top along the plain edge.

*Repeat for the other two sections

You now have two identical pieces. Lay them on top of each other R/S together, pin all around making sure you line up the seams.

Now, draw a line 2” either side of the centre join all across the fabric.

Then below that draw a 1” channel either side (this will be your drawstring channel)

Sew all around the outside, but NOT through the 1” channel lines you drew and leave a 3” gap in the bottom to turn out.

Turn out the right way, press into place and poke corners out gently.

2” down from the top draw the 1” channel on the front and back of the bag.

Top Stitch along both lines.

Add a drawstring through the channel from the open sides.

Add Pom Poms to the drawstring for decoration and the words “Wash Me’

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and that it has inspired you to have a go! Please share your makes with us @bobbincottagebodkin @craftcottonco Nicola Hills x

By Nicola Hills for The Craft Cotton Company 2020


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