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With Love on Valentine's Day Mini Quilt

Project by Angela Harkness

Show your love of patchwork and quilting this Valentine’s Day with this mini quilt tutorial. If you want a bigger quilt, just make more blocks!

You will need:

Pink Floral fat quarter pack

Pale pink blender fabric

White cotton fabric


Temporary fabric spray glue

Directions for quilt:

Step 1: Using your rotary cutter and ruler, cut your fabrics (floral, pink and white) into 117 2.5” x 2.5” squares. Each nine patch block needs five squares of the floral fabrics, two white squares and two pink squares.

Step 2: Following the nine patch design, stitch the squares along one edge with right sides together: using the ¼” foot on your sewing machine helps with accuracy. Sew the third square onto each row of the block. Stitch each row of the blocks together along the long side, making sure you align the seams of the blocks.

When looking at the reverse side of the block, you will notice how the seams all align and sit together well. Set the seams by carefully pressing on the front side of the fabric.

Step 3: Repeat the above step for the remaining 12 patchwork blocks.

Step 4: Cut out 12 white squares 6.5” x 6.5”, cut out 12 floral hearts, each heart backed with heat and bond/bondaweb. I used a die cutting machine to cut out the hearts, alternatively, print out a heart shaped template.

Step 5: Peel backing off hearts and fuse onto the white squares, in a central position.

Step 6: Layout the blocks in a 5x5 layout, alternating the nine patch and heart block designs. Take a reference photograph!

Step 7: Sew each row of blocks together using 0.25” seam allowance, and then sew the rows together referring to your layout design photograph.

Step 8: Cut 4 strips of fabric 2.5” x width of the fabric. Sew these borders on the left and right sides, then top and bottom, trimming edges once pressed.

Step 9: Layer up the runner by spray basting the wadding then the backing fabric onto the back of the piece, then repeat for the quilt front.

Step 10: Using a walking foot on your machine, quilt the layers together with your chosen stitch design/pattern. To give definition to the appliquéd hearts, stitch around the outer edge with a light satin stitch. Once quilting is completed, trim away any excess backing fabric.

Step 11: To finish the quilt, make and attach binding, right sides together, around all four sides of the quilt. Hand stitching the binding onto the back of the quilt gives a neat finish.

The finished quilt:

To see more from Angela, visit her on Instagram @angerellas_crafts

Made by Angela Harkness for The Craft Cotton Company 2021


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