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Patchwork Penguin Stocking

Perfect for hanging out ready for Santa’s arrival this Christmas is a patchwork stocking. I’ve made sure to have made mine with plenty of time to spare this year, I don’t want to be late and have my presents falling out the bottom of my old one!

What you will need:

  • Pins

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Needle and thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Paper for the pattern

  • The Craft Cotton Company Ski Penguin fat quarter set, Heritage Wadding, Plain-Dyed cotton

First, make the stocking pattern:

Draw a pattern outline for your stocking, making it as big or as small as you like. I fluted mine out a bit at the top as I like it wider at the top for when folding back.

Make 2 copies of this pattern, one is for the lining, wadding lining and wadding pieces (that will be left whole), and the other is for the front and back fabric patchwork. Cut this piece into three to make the stocking template.

Next, cut out the fabric:

Make sure you allow 5mm seam allowance throughout.

Using the whole stocking pattern piece cut out the following; two pieces of fat quarter fabric for the lining, two pieces of wadding and two pieces of lining fabric for the wadding. Then, for the 3-sectioned stocking template cut out 2 pieces of fabric for each section (one each for the back and front so you’ll have six pieces in total).

Make sure when cutting the sectioned pieces and when using different colours for each side of the lining that you have the patterned side of the fabric facing up for the front pieces and the patterned side down for the back pieces.

Sew the three parts together:

Place the bottom, middle and front piece right-sides together and sew down the seam to join them, and then attach the top and middle pieces by placing right sides together and sewing along the seam.

Repeat for the back.

Next, add the detail:

Place the patterned fabric wadding and wadding lining together and pin to secure in place. I chose to add a snowflake detailing using a pre-set stitch on my sewing machine, but you could do zig zags, straight lines or any other patterns that you like.

I went down each of the seams with this stitch detail and then diagonally across each of the sections. I also chose to use two different thread colours, one light blue for going down the seams and a teal colour for the other lines.

Now make the hanger:

Pick one of the fabrics to make the hanger, I chose to use the green snowflake, and cut a strip measuring 24cm x 6cm. Fold the strip in half with right-sides facing and sew along the bottom and up the side leaving the top unsewn.

Turn right way out and you have got your strap.

Before sewing the front and back together, fold the strip in half longways to make the loop and pin to the back piece with the ends of the loop hanging 1cm over the edge of the back piece. I chose to place this 10cm down from the top edge to give enough space once the top edge was turned back over.

Sewing the front and back together:

Pin the front and back pieces together right-sides together - the loop will be on

the inside. Now sew the whole way around but leave the top edge unseen.

Turn the right way around.

Finally, make and attach the lining:

Take the front and back lining pieces, place them right-sides together and sew

around, leaving the top edge unsewn. This lining can now be inserted into the

stocking, to attach it to the stocking fold the top of the stocking inward by 1cm

and fold 1cm of the stocking lining outwards and slip stitch the two edges


Now it’s all set and ready to hang out on Christmas eve!

© by Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch, Sew for The Craft Cotton Company 2015

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