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Dog bed cover by Debbie Shore

This cover is to fit a foam bed measuring 24” x 22”, and is 74” in circumference. It has a zip in the base so that it can be removed for washing.

Sewing experience is necessary, you may find it easier to use a fabric such as fleece, that has a little stretch to it.

Use ½” seam allowance.


  • Foam bed

  • 45” x 54” fabric

  • 20” zip

  • Temporary fabric glue stick

1. Sit the foam bed on your fabric, draw around the oval shape, then cut an oval ½” wider all the way round. You’ll need a second oval of fabric for inside the bed, ½” wider all the way round. The easiest way to do this is to push your fabric inside the bed, and draw around the shape of the base with an erasable ink pen, then cut out the shape ½” larger.

2. The panel that goes around the outside measures 75” x 7”, the inside panel measures 66” x 5 ½”. You may need to join a couple of strips of fabric. Sew the short ends of the strips together to make two loops of fabric. The larger loop fits around the outside of the bed, the smaller hoop on the inside.

3. Use the cut-out shape at the front of the bed as a template to draw, then cut out a section of the fabric strips, ½” smaller than the foam to allow for a seam.

4. Sew the two loops of fabric right sides together around the cut-out section. Snip into the curves.

5. Sew the tops of the two loops together. As the outer loop is larger than the inside, you’ll need to put a few tucks in the outside loops to make them fit. Pin these first to make sure they are even, you’ll find a little tuck every 4 inches should do the trick!

6. Take the large oval base piece of fabric, fold in half lengthways and crease the centre line. Draw a box, centrally over the crease line, measuring 18” x ½”.

7. Cut along the centre crease, taking the cuts into the corners of the box. Press the edges of the box towards the wrong side.

8. Apply glue from your stick around the wrong side of the box. Place the zip over the hole, making sure the slider is positioned in the gap.

9. Leave the glue to set a little, then sew around the zip in a box, with the zipper foot on your machine. You’ll find this easier to sew from the right side.

10. Fold each oval section into quarters, and crease to make the centre points. Repeat with the side pieces. Match up the marks with the inner base and the inner side sections, then pop in plenty of pins to attach the base, right sides together.

11. Sew in place, then repeat with the zipped outer base and side sections.

12. Turn the right side out and fit over the foam bed.

13. I also made a little tartan cushion to go inside my bed, simply by cutting two pieces of fabric ½” larger than the inside base of the bed, and four layers of wadding ½”smaller. Sew the two pieces of fabric right sides together leaving a turning gap in one side of about 8”, turn the right side out, push the wadding layers inside and sew the opening closed by hand. As he whole cushion can be washed there’s no need to make the cover removable.

Made by Debbie Shore for the Craft Cotton Company 2017

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