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Christmas Present Quilt Tutorial

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

This Christmas present pattern quilt is perfect for keeping warm over the festive season.



Essential trends fabric in red and green by the Craft Cotton Company

- 4 different reds – 1m x 0.5m in each.

- 5 different greens - 1m x 0.5m in each

White fabric – 1m x1.30m

Batting - 1m x 1.10m








Step 1

Make your paper templates:

Cut out a square measuring 10x10 cm this is the main block piece for the quilt.

Cut out another square which is 10x10cm then divide this square into 4, then divide two of the squares diagonally so these two squares consist of two triangles, cut along the lines to make the bow detail block piece

Step 2

Cut out the fabrics:

Using the main block piece and leaving a 0.5cm seam allowance cut out:

  • 73 block pieces from the different green fabrics.

  • 16 block pieces from the different red fabrics.

  • 9 block pieces from the white fabrics.

Using the bow detail block piece and leaving a 0.5cm seam allowance:

  • 2 small squares from one of the green fabrics.

  • 2 triangles from one of the green fabrics.

  • 2 triangles from one of the white fabrics.​

Step 3

Making the bow detail block piece:

Take the pieces of fabric which were cut for the bow detail block. Start with the two green squares and place right sides together, sew down the side seam then fold out and press. Next take two of the triangle pieces which make up one of the smaller squares and placing right sides together sew down the long edge, fold out and press. Repeat with the other two triangle pieces which will give you two squares. Next sew these two blocks together by placing right sides together and sewing down the side. Take the two sets of two squares and place right sides together and sew along the top edge to join. Fold out and press.

Step 4

Sewing the quilt front together:

Sew together the main block pieces row by row following the present pattern.

Once all rows have been sewn, sew together the rows to complete the quilt top.

Step 5

Adding quilted detail:

Layout the batting and place the quilt top on top. Pin to secure then add quilting detail by sewing lines 1cm either side of the block join seams of the present.

Step 6

Adding the binding:

Make the binding with 8cm wide strips of fabric. The binding will need to be 4.20m long. Once made diagonally fold over the starting end and press. Next fold the strip in half along the long edge pressing as you go. Once you have made the binding place the raw edge of the binding against the raw edge of the quilt and pin to secure then sew 0.5 cm from the raw edge all the way around the quilt to attach the binding. Next fold the binding over to the back of the quilt pin to secure then slip stitch around the edge to secure.

Your quilt is now complete!

Made by Lesley Foster at Hook, Stitch, Sew for The Craft Cotton Company 2018

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