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A Q&A With Flora Danso-

Written by Jess Unsworth

Hi Flora thank you so much for taking the time to do this short Q&A with us!

Firstly would you like to introduce yourself to the blog readers?

My name is Flora Danso an alumnus of Manchester Metropolitan University where I studied Fashion Design and Technology.

Originally from Ghana, West Africa and a Fashion Designer by profession. Raised by parents with deep understanding of fine fabrics and textiles in a creative and colourful culture in Ghana, my fascination with bold colours was born. I have my own business on the Gorton Retail Market where I design and sell African dresses, sell fabrics and offer bespoke services to clients. Responsibility and integrity are my core values, and my focus is to create wearable, timeless and high-quality garments for a wide range of body sizes that fit well, are comfortable and look good. The scope is to push the message of buy better, embrace durability and sustainable garments. I am very passionate about sustainability in fashion and try to incorporate that aspect in most of my designs. I offer an alterations and repairs service as well to be able to create awareness on sustainability and advance towards a greener future. I think by repairing and mending some of our clothing, we will all minimize waste, prevent some of our old clothing going into landfill and help the environment.

So, you’re running a wellbeing workshop with Buzz Charity. Why do you feel that sewing is important for your mental health?

Sewing is therapeutic. It creates a relaxed atmosphere, very engaging and fun and can draw you into a creative world of your own.

What made you first start these workshops?

I have had a lot of enquiries from people and some of my friends who wanted lessons on sewing over the years in my shop and realised the need in that field. My motivation for these workshops is to give back what I have studied and learned practically to my community.

When did you first find your love for sewing?

My love for sewing started at a very tender age when I always sat with my mum offering a helping hand when she made our pretty dresses for most occasions. My mum was my role model. I come from a family of six and the youngest amongst four sisters. Mum always made our clothes and made sure we all look beautiful in our colourful dresses for church every Sunday. The admiration and comments from people were my inspiration. I also wanted to make others feel special in what they wear.

Do you feel as though sewing is something that people of all ages should get into?

I believe sewing can be for all ages. Anyone who is creative and has the passion and desire in sewing can learn at any age.

What would be your one piece of starting advise for someone who is struggling with their mental health and wants to maybe take up sewing?

My advice will be to come out of isolation, make new friends and have a chat, engage in the lessons, develop new skills, learn something new and be proud of your achievements.

And finally what is a Flora favourite when it comes to sewing?

Ooh, the best part for me is the reaction of a client especially when the dress fits perfectly without any flaws. The DANCE. Everyone who looks good automatically starts to dance. That really makes my day and job worthwhile.

Mental health is something that needs constant care and attention, but picking up hobbies can really help get you out of that grey space sometimes. Flora uses her passion and skills to help improve the lives and mental wellbeing of others, as well as running her own business; she is a fantastically talented woman.

If you wish to find out more about Buzz Charity then please click on the link.

Made by Jess Unsworth feat. Flora Danso for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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