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Parrots in Paradise- Little Sewing Book

Project by Sarah Holliman- SJ Stitchery

A beautiful little keepsake workbook project, perfect for Mothers Day, gifting or just a pretty present to yourself.

You will need:

  • One pack of fat quarters or small pieces of different fabrics.

  • Wadding.

  • Optional embroidery thread/ribbons/felt/Buttons.

  • Scissors/ Pins/Thread/Needles.

This make is a perfect weekend sewing project. The workbook can be made in so many different ways, a Mother’s Day workbook, a Memory Workbook, a special Workbook just for yourself. It is completely up to your own imagination and once you have created the basis of the workbook you can add anything you like to the pages, add anything that is personal to you, favourite fabrics, letters, drawings, sentimental pieces or even chocolate if you like!

Here, you will find the basic instructions for the book (mine measured approx. 6x7.5 inches but you can make your book any size you wish).

I made a little sewing workbook to hold my most important sewing notions to me, I included a little pincushion and needle case in my most favourite fabrics.

Just have fun!


1. Layout your selection of fabrics and decide which colours you will use for your workbook.

You will need to cut four pieces of fabric and two pieces of wadding measuring 7 x 8.5 inches.

I chose to make the front and back of my workbook (one fabric piece) in a patchwork design. For this, I simply cut out lots of 2.5 inch hexagon shapes from my different fabrics and sewed them together on the machine and then trimmed it to make a rectangular panel measuring 7x8.5 inches.

2. When you have all your four panels of fabric, place the wadding in between each set of two and tack or pin into place.

Fold the panels in half – now you will be able to see how the pages are going to be placed in your workbook.

3. If you want to quilt your workbook, it is a good idea to do this now before you start to add any pocket pieces, etc.

4. With all your book pages in order, think about what accessories you would like to add to your pages.

I find it is a good idea to collect together all the accessories you would like in your book at this stage, eg; ribbons, buttons, papers, photos, etc.

Once you have all your accessories together, start to place them on the pages – pin them in place.

You will start to see your workbook coming together and you will be able to see where you can place pockets or extra panels.

5. I made some pocket details in my workbook simply by hemming small rectangles of fabric to fit the page.

I have also made a little pincushion to attach to my scissors and a needle book with felt pages. There is no right or wrong way of making these, I simply played around with the scrap fabric I had and added felt pages to make a needle book.

You will find once you become immersed in your project, your imagination will become limitless.

6. When all your accessories are complete carefully unpin your pages.

I like to sew some of my accessories onto the page at this stage.

Sew the pocket details into place.

If some of your added pieces are larger or more delicate you may wish to attach them once the workbook is actually sewn together.

7. When all your accessories are in place and you are happy with your design, place the two pairs of the pages right sides together and pin into place.

8. Sew all around the pages, leaving a large gap for turning.

9. Carefully turn your pages out through the gap, pushing out the corners as you go. Sew up the gap.

12. If you can, it is a good idea to give the pages a press with an iron at this stage.

11. I also like to top stitch all around my pages at this point as I find it helps the pages to keep their shape.

12. Your book pages are now complete. Have a look at your workbook design and add any extra embellishments as you wish.

13. Sew a couple of lines down the middle of the book to secure the pages together.

14. I have also added a little tie around the middle of the book to secure using some fabric bias binding, you could also use ribbon or Velcro for a different look.

15. Your workbook is now complete.

To see more from Sarah follow her on Instagram @sjstitchery or visit her website

Made by Sarah Holliman for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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