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Parrots in Paradise- Laundry Bag

Project by Stephanie Marsh

You will need:

  • 51 x 35cm main fabric.

  • 29 x 35cm mesh fabric.

  • 2 fat quarter contrasting fabric (same or different colours).

  • 1 x 35 cm zip (or continuous zip).

  • Bondaweb.

  • Matching thread.


  1. Cut out the following:

  • Main fabric – 51cm x 35cm - 1

  • Mesh – 29cm x 35cm – 1

  • Contrast – strips for sides 43cm x 5cm – 2

  • Contrast – strips for either sides of the zips 8cm x 35cm – 2

2. On the Bondaweb draw the letters for the LAUNDRY, remember to do these in reverse. Roughly cut them on and iron them onto the wrong side of the contrasting fat quarters. Neatly cut them out.

3. Using a pin score the backing paper of the Bondaweb and place the letters where you want them to sit. Pin in place and using a steam iron set them in place, lightly first, then remove the pin and press in place.

4. Using a close zig zag stitch or a decorative stitch, stitch all around the letter to permanently fix it in place.

5. Now sew the zip strips onto the top of the mesh fabric and main fabric. To do this match the raw edges of the strips and main pieces along the short edges of the main pieces right side strips to wrong side main pieces, sew in place using a 1cm seam allowance. Press them upwards, be careful you don’t burn/melt the mesh fabric.

6. Press over 1cm on the unsewn edge of the strip, the fold it over onto the right side and topstitch in place.

7. Using a zipper foot, stitch the zip in along each of the folded edges of the main and mesh fabric strips.

8. With wrong sides together match the bottom of the mesh and main fabric and stitch using a 0.5cm seam allowance.

9. Press seam from right side, then with right sides together stitch together using a 1cm seam allowance. This is called a French seam and all raw edges are enclosed.

10. With wrong sides together pin the side seams together and stitch or tack in place.

11. Take the side strip and matching raw edges place right sides together on the back of the bag. Stitch in place 1cm from the edge, leave 1.5cm of the strips over the top and bottom of the bag.

12. Press the strips away from the bag. Turn the 1.5cm over hangs of the edge of the strips to the inside of the strips, press in place.

13. Press 1cm to the wrong side of the other edge of the side strips, then fold it over again encasing the raw edge and just covering the first row of stitching.

14. Top stitch in place.

To see more from Stephanie follow her on @stephanie_j_marsh.

Made by Stephanie Marsh for The Craft Cotton Co 2022.

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